Airport Ground Operations Using Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC

Every year, passenger traffic in Britain’s airports grow at a steady rate. In fact, the London Heathrow Airport shuttled over 6.3 million passengers in December 2017 [Independent UK]. But, experts predict that this figure will increase in 2018. Therefore, such kind of activities should be given attention by the airport ground operations.
Airport grounds operations include handling passenger procedures, cargo transfer and aircraft inspection. Thus, crew members should coordinate properly to avoid any delays in airport ground operations. So, they need to utilise reliable computing system that can be integrated to its communication devices.
Amongst the most recommended computing equipment is the industrial computing system. It bears a compatible system processor that is ideal for industrial applications including airport grounds communication system.
This computing device also features are projected capacitive touchscreen technology. This feature is known to have better touch functionality.…

Improving Military Vehicle Rescue Abilities Using Advanced Panel PCs

Search and rescue operations are one of the functions of a military vehicle. In fact, the local government of Miami, Florida in the United States issued a military truck to assist the victims a tropical storm last September 2017 (Military Vehicle To Rescue Irma Victims). Rescuers in the truck use the vehicle-mounted computers to navigate through the terrain.
Indeed, communication is an integral part of a successful rescue operation. And, by utilising reliable computing devices with Wi-Fi capabilities, it enables the rescuers to better coordinate with one another.
So, learn on this blog how installing industrial-grade panel PCs in military vehicles can improve rescue operations.

Why Install Industrial Panel Computers in Military Rescue Vehicles
Often, target areas for rescue operations have varying temperature and moisture conditions. Regardless of these environmental factors, communication devices must function optimally. Hence, installing industrial-grade panel computing system is an id…

Improve Modern Airport Communication Using Rugged Industrial Computers

Today, air travel is one of the most important means of delivering cargo. In fact, experts forecast that air traffic will double in the next 20 years [World Air Cargo].  Handling this demand means that proper communication between the pilots, air traffic controllers, and airport crew managers is required.
So, as a solution to this need, installing reliable computing devices are necessary. Now industrial-grade computing devices are able to function for extended periods of time. Its rugged features protect the sensitive internal components of the computer. Thus, this allows the device to operate optimally in varying conditions.
Now, can this device have the capability to be used an efficient communication system? Learn more on this blog on how utilising an industrial computer can improve airport communications.

Pros of the S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC for E-Commerce Kiosks

Shopping through a virtual platform has been around since 1984 (BBC News). The system was initially used to help elderly people who find it difficult to purchase items. They purchased items by ordering product presented through the television.
Today, e-commerce is one of the fastest rising trading platforms in the world. Retail store owners are adapting to this online shopping phenomenon through the use of interactive e-commerce kiosk. These kiosks allow customers to view the available products in inventory, learn about new products being introduced, and be updated regarding sales.
Read on the blog other benefits offered by integrating the S22 projected capacitive touchscreen PC for the retail store e-commerce kiosks.

Steel Factories Using the S12 Panel PC to Improve the Operations Efficiency

Modern smelting operations utilise new techniques to produce high-quality metal alloys. One such method is the electric smelting process.
The electric smelting process has improved the metal smelting operation by reducing the need for coal heated furnaces. In this system, the raw materials are melted via electric currents. To precisely monitor this process, industrial computers are utilised. 
In fact, steel manufacturing factories are now integrating industrial computing devices. For instance, occurrences inherent in the electric smelting process, such as time lags, may produce unfavourable products. Hence, industrial grade computers are used to accurately monitor the metal alloy product with as little time lag as possible.
Moreover, one industrial computer featured to these processes is the S12 rugged industrial panel PC. This device functions optimally for extended operating periods of time whilst displaying the metal alloy data as precisely as possible.
In this way, operators can dete…

IP69K Stainless Steel 22-Inch Industrial Computer On Wayfinding Kiosks

Digital wayfinding kiosks are becoming more common in highly populated public locations. Populous locations, such as malls, benefit from this kiosk by directing potential customers to their destinations, answering queries regarding products, and promoting local mall events and sales. Since these kiosks are located in exposed public areas, rugged industrial computers should be utilised for these wayfinding devices.
One industrial computing device suitable for these applications is the S22 rugged industrial PC. It is built with a stainless steel body that resists most foreign intrusions which includes dust, water, and even cleaning chemicals. And, its internal components are protected and the occurrence of system errors are significantly reduced. There are also several attributes that these computers have which makes it ideal for wayfinding kiosks.