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Business Tech: Industrial Computer vs. Personal Computer

Computers have become necessary tools for conducting business. There is a choice of traditional personal computers, or their industrial alternatives when carrying out various business operations. Personal and industrial PCs essentially have the same components, but industrial computer parts are tougher and fortified.

Industries Benefitting from an Industrial Computer

Various industries over the years have realised the suitability of rugged computers for most of their applications. The manufacturing sector has particularly found great use for industrial PCs. From car assembly to food processing, rugged computers have had significant roles to play. Other industries that make use of industrial PCs include banking, medical, aviation, military, retail, marine, oil, and gas.

The Role of an Industrial Computer in a Growing Company

Industrial computers are different from common commercial PCs, and the main difference lies in the construction components used. Industrial computers have better quality, last longer (up to 15 years), and are built to a higher standard.

The World of Projected Capacitive Touchscreen & Its Technology

Touch screens have become commonplace in our daily lives due to their use in almost all the electronic devices we use. The projected capacitive touchscreen (PCT) is one of the latest technologies in that front. It is a system that accurately tracks touches and also features multi-touch capabilities. The screen only responds to fingers or stylus pens because it works by responding to changes in electromagnetic fields.

Panel PC Accessories: How to Extend the Use of Your Panel Computer

A lot of various operations in different fields nowadays require computer use. From auto assembly to food processing to medical laboratory testing; computers have become crucial components of such processes. The environments in these industries, however, call for heavy-duty and durable machines or equipment, and that is why panel computers have become a common sight.

Processor Specifications and Related Needs for Industrial Computers

Processor specification is a key question when purchasing an industrial computer; for some buyers, it is the only question. CPU performance is seen as key in demanding tasks and project roles, yet it can be a complex choice when selecting the right hardware from a plethora of processor generations and names. Here, we review some important considerations.