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Common Materials that Make a Rugged Touch Panel PC Strong and Durable

Panel PCs are similar to traditional computers in terms of build. The main difference is that a panel computer has a mechanical structure housing. They are used in kiosks, HMI interfaces, ATMs, and gaming arcades, among other applications. A regular panel uses the same materials as a standard computer. Chips are from silicon combined with other elements, and electrical components are copper for efficient conductivity and metal for the casing. A panel PC is just designed to be smaller and has very few expansion slots, or sometimes none at all. Computers have shock absorbent material, but the standards differ when comparing a regular and industrial panel PC.

Industrial Panel PCs

A rugged touch panel PC, on the other hand, has superior quality materials that suit extreme settings. The enclosure materials in rugged panel computers are meant to last several years under the harshest abuse. Aluminium is the most commonly used material. Use of high-grade insulation materials ensures minimal ri…

The Industrial Computer System Standards and How to Understand Them

Standards for computers are extremely vital because they allow users to have a system that can work with a combination of different components without compromising the integrity of operations. In fact, computers have standards for different elements such as software, hardware, programming languages, data formats, operating systems, electrical, interfaces, and communication protocols. Having standards for these features and components facilitates customisation of a machine when using products from different manufacturers. With the use of standards, manufacturers can construct hardware and software to maximize the computing, multimedia, and communication systems of a device.

Industrial PC Standards

When it comes to an industrial computing system, these standards are a bit different. Besides the traditional operational requirements, an industrial PC has to meet environmental standards as well. It must be capable of functioning in certain temperature ranges. Disc drives have to withstand …