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17” Rugged Industrial Computers for Commercial Aviation: Pros and Cons

Computer technology has shaped modern aviation for the better, and the development of industrial computers is no different.
From the design process to aircraft maintenance to logistics and even transportation, it cannot be denied that industrial computer technology has had a large contribution in its growth.
Aircraft pilots use industrial computer technology in operations such as piloting said aircraft, taking note of signals from airports, and similar tasks. © Pixabay

How Can Industrial Computers Boost Aviation Processes?
In ensuring that this industry continues to grow, industrial PCs need to play a larger role in maintaining and ensuring these processes are carried out. Make sure you are creating the right choice by selecting the equipment on the operations.
System Compatibility
Operational processes in the aviation industry are very important, especially timeliness. Whenever it has to do with the airline business itself or on the deliverables of a new aircraft design, the industry need…

17” Projected Capacitive Touchscreens Usage In Britain’s Car Industry

When one thinks of the British motor industry, you can recall a sense of luxury and performance with brands like Bentley, AstonMartin and Rolls-Royce. Well-renowned names such as these need projected capacitive touchscreen technology to the growing car industry. Upholding such a prestigious reputation is the job of any car manufacturer in the country.
Apart from protecting a brand’s prestige, updating and improving with technology comes with several advantages. In improvisation, car manufacturers create more efficient control systems and manufacturing processes that greatly benefit the speed and quality.
Are you considering an investment to embedded touchscreen panel computers? Here is what you need to know.

22” Embedded Panel PCs for Customs Operations

The customs industry is responsible for the import and export of all local and foreign goods in the country. This entails a lot of logistical power, something that Panel PCs provide. These machines can be made to process data and make effective operations that would be otherwise tedious.
Having panel PCs will greatly affect the management of the customs bureau, as the technology continues to dominate the market regarding performance and durability.