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Embedded PCs with Built-in Industrial Keyboards for Military Applications

Every military operation requires efficient, tactical, and precise execution. In times of peace, military forces participate in peace support operations (formerly military operations other than war). This operation involves gathering information by using all available resources which includes the use of advanced computing equipment with compatible keyboards.

Moreover, the military-grade industrial keyboards, along with ruggedised PCs, were designed to handle such complicated tasks in any working environment including arid, wet, or rocky terrain. Read more:

Technical Support: Troubleshooting Tips on Touchscreen Display Issues

Touchscreen display PCs have paved the way for a new approach to human-machine interaction. Many devices are being integrated with this technology for commercial and industrial applications because of its intuitiveness.

In fact, industrial PCs with a touchscreen technology offer several advantages such as faster operability, ease of usage, more straightforward interface and reduced costs. Moreover, physical limitations are no longer a barrier to operate devices for as long as it has a touchscreen option. Read more:

Industrial Panel PC Workstations On Efficient Meat Processing System

As the world consumerist class continues to grow, the global annual meat production is expected to increase up to 376 million tonnes by 2030. With this rising demand, the newly-improved food safety standards in the UK has affected the meat processing industry.

The UK Food Standards Agency’s new sustainable regulatory model focuses on transparency regarding food safety. So, there could be equipment used for automated operations to meet such standards. That way, meat processing facilities can keep up with the demand while ensuring a high-quality meat production. Read more:

Industrial Pointing Devices Installed on Panel PCs for Canning Processes

Food processing has been a practice employed for so many years. It allows perishable food to be preserved, shipped and stored in distant markets. Due to its higher shelf life, the demand for processed food made the industry one of the most competitive sector globally.

One of the most common forms of food processing is the canning method. The objective of food canning is to curtail microorganisms in the food and prevent any contamination. That is why advanced equipment and automation are used to minimise human contact with the food product, which results in increased shelf life and freshness. Read more:

Fruit Juice Manufacturers Using Panel PCs with Industrial Keyboards

Most consumers who are always on-the-go conveniently grab a small bottle of fruit juice and get ready for the day. Being an instant source of essential nutrient, no wonder why fruit juices are a popular thirst-quenching drink and a great partner for a meal. This is the main reason why many fruit juice manufacturers thrived in the competitive food and drink industry of UK. 

The demand for fruit juice also spurred the application of automation in its processing and manufacturing. With automation, it eliminates direct human interaction towards the produce. It also promotes a sanitary practice which therefore improves the shelf life of the product. Read more:

3 Issues of Ethernet Port Connectivity and its Technical Support Fixes

Do you know that Ethernet ports serve an important function in computers? Ethernet ports connect multiple computing systems through PC networks like the Ethernet LAN, Metropolitan Area Network, and Wide Area Network. This feature also allows the PC to link with the system mainframe. Thus, valuable data or information is directly stored in a centralised location.

However, this port may experience connectivity issues due to wiring and structural damage. As a result, there can be a loss of internet and device connection. Read more:

How Distributors Use Industrial Workstations to Improve Operations

Do you know that the Constellation Centre in Bristol, England stores and distributes 15% of the total supply of wine and alcohol in the UK’s market?

Such a large distribution centre utilises an advanced computing system to ensure efficiency and productivity at the same time. Furthermore, its computing equipment is built with an industrial workstation to provide operators with practical and multipurpose solutions which can optimise the supply chain.  

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Rugged Industrial Pointing Devices Used on Cargo Ship Operations

Cargo ship vessels are built with sophisticated machinery which enables efficient freight operations in open seas. This water-borne craft specialises in transporting large quantities of goods even in the busiest shipping ports in Europe. It also comes with a navigation system to communicate with the port officials to ensure that operations run smoothly at the port of discharge.

However, cargo shipping bears a strict schedule and busy port activities. That is why freight operators make use of reliable equipment to coordinate and manage its operation. This includes utilising the right industrial pointing devices, such as trackerballs, for cargo ship applications. Its corrosion-resistant, metal casing and precise button-click response can help in performing critical functions in ship operations.

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Industrial Keyboards and Its Importance in Fleet Management System

Efficient fleet management system plays a vital role in maintaining the stable flow of products in the businesses. In fact, industries like distribution agencies utilise computing equipment for its logistics operations.

Its operation encompasses fleet managers, who are responsible for inputting the right commands in response to the said activity. As it bears a fast-paced environment, panel PCs are usually integrated with industrial keyboards. Its ruggedised components are built to withstand harsh working conditions. Its corrosion resistant overlay prevents liquid chemicals from damaging the key buttons. So, expect that this device can function whenever needed.

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Quick Technical Support Fixes to Common Keyboard Problems

Computer issues can be commonplace in manufacturing industries. For example, in steel manufacturing, its work environment has an extreme temperature, dirt, moisture, shock and vibration. Hence, a poorly-protected equipment is definitely susceptible to these damaging conditions.

Note that keyboards are essential peripherals for computers. Once it is damaged, it can slow down work progress or even cause further issues that can affect an entire operation. So, it is crucial to identify common problems with keyboards and have a quick fix to these issues. That way, it prevents the problem from escalating which can result in excessive damages.

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Ways to Optimise Steel Factory Processes Using Industrial Workstations

In the steel industry, how do large steel manufacturers maintain its top position in the global market?

For an established steel manufacturer who wants to maintain its competitive edge, it should have an efficient and productive operation. Every process in steel-making must install and run a reliable operating system.

However, some of the challenges that hinder an operation’s continuous momentum are the presence of bottlenecks and inefficient operator-machine interaction.

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Are Industrial Pointing Devices Necessary in Structural Steel Industry?

Several industries need steel for their products because of its ductility and durability from harsh environmental conditions. However, the construction sector remains as the top consumer of this material. In the UK alone, demand for structural steelwork is expected to grow by 23% by 2018. This means that it will be a challenge for steel manufacturers to meet this growing demand.

Structural steel serves as the backbone of many construction projects and specifically manufactured for building infrastructure. Because of its durability and strength, it allows an infrastructure to withstand extreme shock and other challenging weather conditions.

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Why Use Industrial Keyboards in the Steel Manufacturing Operations

In today’s urban setting, stainless steel has a high demand for construction, transportation and machinery use. Its corrosion-, high- and low-temperature resistance, and high-strength characteristics made the material as the top choice for industrial and manufacturing applications.

However, manufacturing steel can be a complicated process. The demand for this component requires steel manufacturers to produce it in high quantities. Since this material contains different metal alloys, accuracy in data input is extremely necessary. Seamless information input and navigation reduce the processing time for steel production.

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Automate Steel Production with the 22” Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC

Modern steel production is an industry which requires efficient manufacturing techniques to meet global demands.Automating the metal production process requires a reliable industrial-grade computer to maintain precision and accuracy.This 22” panel PC has the key specifications required to ensure quality and productivity at the same time.

Build Self-Service Kiosks Using the S22 Panel PC in Fast Food Chains

The popularity of self-service kiosks usage in the fast-food industry entails quick-service restaurants to have a reliable computing system embedded in these kiosks.Installing a 22-inch industrial PC in self-service kiosks streamlines fast-food operations.The S22 panel PC's robust components can last in 24/7/365 self-service kiosk operations.

Self-service kiosks are becoming popular amongst fast-food restaurants. Customers who experienced ordering through these kiosks can attest to its efficiency. Moreover, restaurant owners have increased revenue by 10% to 30% while providing excellent customer experience [Bepoz].
Now, these kiosks are built with the most compatible computing technology, ensuring that kiosk applications are installed. Fortunately, our S22 industrial panel displays can have the capability to meet what the kiosks need.
Our computing device has an IP69K rated enclosure which makes it capable of lasting under extreme usage. What’s more, its Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM 2.30Gh…

22-Inch Intel® Core i7 Industrial Computer for Warehouse Bots Management

Warehouse shipment operations improve its efficacy through the use of warehouse bots.Modern warehouse operations require a computing device that can manage and control warehouse robots.Industrial computers with Intel Core i7 processors offer efficient processes in warehouse operation, ensuring products are fetched and distributed precisely.

Warehouse shipment robots are now being used to move heavy payloads efficiently. Operators can rely on these machines to streamline the distribution process. These robots are controlled by a dedicated software installed on the primary computer on site.
Computing devices, like the S22 industrial computer, can operate such kind of advanced applications. This rugged Panel PC is built with an Intel® Core i7-3610QM processor, which features a maximum memory bandwidth of 25.6 GB/s. It efficiently allows analysing the heavy program algorithm to read and verify the item’s data quickly. At the same, it consequently reduces the overall processing time as well.

Fuel Up S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for Ship Operations

British maritime sector contributes nearly £40 billion to the United Kingdom economy in 2017 [British Marine]. This contribution is also expected to improve as consumers demand fast and efficient shipping.
However, this growth in the sector also means that the shipping industry needs to enhance its operations. Cargo ships, in particular, must arrive at the intended destination on schedule. So, it is necessary for these sea vessels to be in good condition. Therefore, onboard engineers must utilise reliable computing devices when conducting routine maintenance.

Utilise S17 Industrial Panel PC for an Accelerated Poultry Processing

Automation has paved the way for modern poultry processing. Over the last 40 years, it has improved poultry line speed from 3,000 to 13,000 birds per hour (University of Guelph). This has resulted in higher output with better quality so more factories are using automation.

Fast-Tracking Steel Plant Operations Using the S17 Industrial Computer

This year was a symbolic moment for the UK steel sector as it continues to maintain its stability. Although this industry represents only 0.1 percent of the UK economic output, steel manufacturers foresee a positive outlook by 2019 [Financial Times].

Airport Ground Operations Using Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC

Every year, passenger traffic in Britain’s airports grow at a steady rate. In fact, the London Heathrow Airport shuttled over 6.3 million passengers in December 2017 [Independent UK]. But, experts predict that this figure will increase in 2018. Therefore, such kind of activities should be given attention by the airport ground operations.
Airport grounds operations include handling passenger procedures, cargo transfer and aircraft inspection. Thus, crew members should coordinate properly to avoid any delays in airport ground operations. So, they need to utilise reliable computing system that can be integrated to its communication devices.
Amongst the most recommended computing equipment is the industrial computing system. It bears a compatible system processor that is ideal for industrial applications including airport grounds communication system.
This computing device also features are projected capacitive touchscreen technology. This feature is known to have better touch functionality.…

Improving Military Vehicle Rescue Abilities Using Advanced Panel PCs

Search and rescue operations are one of the functions of a military vehicle. In fact, the local government of Miami, Florida in the United States issued a military truck to assist the victims a tropical storm last September 2017 (Military Vehicle To Rescue Irma Victims). Rescuers in the truck use the vehicle-mounted computers to navigate through the terrain.
Indeed, communication is an integral part of a successful rescue operation. And, by utilising reliable computing devices with Wi-Fi capabilities, it enables the rescuers to better coordinate with one another.
So, learn on this blog how installing industrial-grade panel PCs in military vehicles can improve rescue operations.

Why Install Industrial Panel Computers in Military Rescue Vehicles
Often, target areas for rescue operations have varying temperature and moisture conditions. Regardless of these environmental factors, communication devices must function optimally. Hence, installing industrial-grade panel computing system is an id…