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Basic Ways to Troubleshoot Rugged Industrial Computers

Those who have invested much of their capital in their industrial computers know that damage to their equipment will always lead to a setback in profits.
When the machinery fails, it can lead to loss of income that can affect the livelihood of those who operate on the manufacturing floor.
Troubleshooting various concerns with equipment can make it last longer, and with proper maintenance, it can be easier to generate more use out of your computers.
Checking for Industrial Computer Damage
Learning how to deal with malfunctioning equipment is a basic step in any industrial setting.
But for those who have recently come into this sort of business or are new to the floor, it would be handy to read something about how to keep machines working efficiently and free from damage.
Reset the machine.
Like any computer, industrial computers have internal memory capacitors that deal with the transmission of information, providing the desired output or product that one may ask for.
As time goes on, wear a…

Staying on Key: Projected Capacitive Touchscreens vs Keyboards

With the introduction of the smartphone, more and more people have become familiar with touchscreen technology.
When they began to replace physical keyboards off of cellular phones in favour of more digital screens, it questioned how many retailers designed their products.
Soon enough, nearly everything will be equipped with projected capacitive touchscreen capabilities – but it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of physical keyboards.
Personal Computer Development
Whilst personal computers still retain physical keyboards, most people are comfortable without them for doing things that do not require keyboard functionality, such as writing or programming.
What does this say about the way our future touchscreen devices are developed?
The Evidence
Former cell phone giant Blackberry, once famous for its QWERTY keyboard functionality and BBM app, has now ceased all development and production for its in-house OS.
Instead, it will incorporate all future products with Android, sparking a wave of nosta…

Mechanical or Digital Keyboards for your Panel PC

It is difficult to imagine personal computers without physical keyboards. For as long as they have been available for purchase, keyboards are an integral part in navigating both hardware and software aspects of any computers.
With the wave of tablets and panel PCs entering the market, however, mechanical keyboards are being taken over by their flat-surfaced counterparts.

How Mechanical or Digital Keyboards Work On Panel PCs
A keyboard’s structure and layout is equally important to its performance. Those who have been raised alongside computer usage are proficient touch typists, enough that they no longer need to physically glance at a keyboard while writing.
This reflex, this muscle memory, should be kept in mind whilst deciding in the kind of keyboard you desire. If you prefer having physical keys, or the cool look of smooth surfaces, is really a matter of preference.
Which brings us back, of course, to the question; will mechanical or digital keyboards work for panel PCs? It might be r…