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Fast-Tracking Steel Plant Operations Using the S17 Industrial Computer

This year was a symbolic moment for the UK steel sector as it continues to maintain its stability. Although this industry represents only 0.1 percent of the UK economic output, steel manufacturers foresee a positive outlook by 2019 [Financial Times].

Airport Ground Operations Using Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC

Every year, passenger traffic in Britain’s airports grow at a steady rate. In fact, the London Heathrow Airport shuttled over 6.3 million passengers in December 2017 [Independent UK]. But, experts predict that this figure will increase in 2018. Therefore, such kind of activities should be given attention by the airport ground operations.
Airport grounds operations include handling passenger procedures, cargo transfer and aircraft inspection. Thus, crew members should coordinate properly to avoid any delays in airport ground operations. So, they need to utilise reliable computing system that can be integrated to its communication devices.
Amongst the most recommended computing equipment is the industrial computing system. It bears a compatible system processor that is ideal for industrial applications including airport grounds communication system.
This computing device also features are projected capacitive touchscreen technology. This feature is known to have better touch functionality.…

Improving Military Vehicle Rescue Abilities Using Advanced Panel PCs

Search and rescue operations are one of the functions of a military vehicle. In fact, the local government of Miami, Florida in the United States issued a military truck to assist the victims a tropical storm last September 2017 (Military Vehicle To Rescue Irma Victims). Rescuers in the truck use the vehicle-mounted computers to navigate through the terrain.
Indeed, communication is an integral part of a successful rescue operation. And, by utilising reliable computing devices with Wi-Fi capabilities, it enables the rescuers to better coordinate with one another.
So, learn on this blog how installing industrial-grade panel PCs in military vehicles can improve rescue operations.

Why Install Industrial Panel Computers in Military Rescue Vehicles
Often, target areas for rescue operations have varying temperature and moisture conditions. Regardless of these environmental factors, communication devices must function optimally. Hence, installing industrial-grade panel computing system is an id…