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Suitability of Embedded Touchscreen Computers for Tough Applications

A home and industrial computer essentially perform similar functions, but the difference lies in the components. Traditional PCs do not have the strength to survive industrials setting with all the tough conditions present. The design of an industrial computer is such that components can endure extreme temperatures, dust, dirt, moisture and exposure to chemicals. Industrial PCs are ruggedised to provide a durable device with superior performance. These machines also have embedded systems that run dedicated functions that depend on specific applications.

Rugged Computers Solutions to Problems in Watery Work Environments

Even the least tech savvy of people know that water and electronics do not make for a happy mix. Water creates links between electrical components where links weren't intended to be. As a conductive material, it allows electricity to pass between points that weren't designed by the manufacturer and in doing so, is capable of shorting electronic equipment. So what do you do when you need to operate in watery situations?

Forecasts for Touchscreen Technology: The Future of Industrial PC

Touchscreen technology has brought very many changes with it, particularly in the interaction between consumers and devices. It is expected that as demand increases and people find more applications for touch displays, new trends will come up. From the use of smartphones in the current environment, it is evident that there is an affinity for touch screens, and that is an element that will persist into the future. There is still infinite potential to explore when it comes to the interactivity of consumers with devices. Touch technology will move from phone to items at home such as tabletops, refrigerators, even kitchen countertops.