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Why Install the S22 Industrial Computers for Outdoor Wayfinding Kiosks

Wayfinding kiosks are quickly becoming an integral navigation tool for customers unfamiliar with the area. It displays live data on the screen enabling customers to easily access the intended data. For example, tourists arriving in a foreign country utilise these kiosks. By using these kiosks, they can find their way around and the famous locations the area.
In fact, some hotels and conference centres use these kiosks for their guests and clients. These not only help their clients find the directions, but these also show them the schedule for meeting and agenda.
There are now a number of vendors offering advanced interactive kiosks for wayfindingneeds at competitive rates due to the demand. But, how can one determine which qualities meet the demand of an outdoor kiosk? Learn from this blog the features that industrial computers possess which make it ideal for these kiosks.

Why Use Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for E-Commerce Kiosks

An increasing number of customers are looking to e-commerce kiosks to gather product information and purchase their goods. There are retail stores in the United Kingdom already integrating the technology. These kiosks allow customers to browse their entire product line, place orders and pay for goods via credit card.
So, how can these kiosks operate and provide services to the customer? Basically, these kiosks are built with a reliable system processor that ensure certain applications are performed optimally. The other parts of the system are designed to fit any type of working environments. It bears industrial-grade components that can withstand both tough applications and harsh conditions.
That is why industrial computers are used in building kiosk for retail stores. This ensures that any update on product pricing and innovations can be handled on this device. As a result, the demands of customers are met and they can learn about their target goods easily.
Moreover, industrial PCs fea…

Advantages of Using Industrial Panel PCs to the Metal Smelting Process

Metal smelting has been around for thousands of years. Long ago, the raw ores are heated to hundreds of degrees. Afterwards, the ores are refined to obtain the desired metals.
Today, the process has changed a bit due to the existing technologies. Advanced techniques are used to make the process more efficient. Valuable components can be properly separated from other materials.
Upon entering the smelting plant, the conditions are extremely dangerous. There are fumes, dust, heavy metals and high heat present in the area. Even with these situations, human intervention might be needed to oversee some of the important processes.
Now, operators useindustrial panel PCs to oversee some operations without the need to personally go to the area. They use it to monitor the temperatures in the smelting area. Workers also use the industrial computer to help make the system more streamlined. These advanced computing devices increase the efficiency of the system, it helps lessen the burden on the worker…