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Maintenance Tips: What You Need to Know about Panel PC Maintenance

The ability of rugged computers to function in tough environments is why they work so well. However, just like any other machine, they require adequate care. If a panel computer that contains all the vital operations and data of a company breaks down, then everything will be lost.

The Difference between a Personal Computer and an Industrial Computer

Industrial PCs may look similar to those we have at home, however, that is where the differences end. An industrial computer is designed to be far more robust than your average home or office PC. Industrial PCs are designed to withstand temperatures up to 45C, dust, shock and vibration, humidity, power spikes, surges, transients and noise. An industrial PC usually has all components fitted into one standalone unit, unlike your home PC. Components for repair, replacement and upgrade are usually more readily available, even 5-10 years after manufacture, unlike a standard home or office desktop PC.