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Steel Factories Using the S12 Panel PC to Improve the Operations Efficiency

Modern smelting operations utilise new techniques to produce high-quality metal alloys. One such method is the electric smelting process.
The electric smelting process has improved the metal smelting operation by reducing the need for coal heated furnaces. In this system, the raw materials are melted via electric currents. To precisely monitor this process, industrial computers are utilised. 
In fact, steel manufacturing factories are now integrating industrial computing devices. For instance, occurrences inherent in the electric smelting process, such as time lags, may produce unfavourable products. Hence, industrial grade computers are used to accurately monitor the metal alloy product with as little time lag as possible.
Moreover, one industrial computer featured to these processes is the S12 rugged industrial panel PC. This device functions optimally for extended operating periods of time whilst displaying the metal alloy data as precisely as possible.
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IP69K Stainless Steel 22-Inch Industrial Computer On Wayfinding Kiosks

Digital wayfinding kiosks are becoming more common in highly populated public locations. Populous locations, such as malls, benefit from this kiosk by directing potential customers to their destinations, answering queries regarding products, and promoting local mall events and sales. Since these kiosks are located in exposed public areas, rugged industrial computers should be utilised for these wayfinding devices.
One industrial computing device suitable for these applications is the S22 rugged industrial PC. It is built with a stainless steel body that resists most foreign intrusions which includes dust, water, and even cleaning chemicals. And, its internal components are protected and the occurrence of system errors are significantly reduced. There are also several attributes that these computers have which makes it ideal for wayfinding kiosks.

Build the S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC for E-Commerce Kiosks

Shopping stores are now integrating interactive and self-service kiosks to help customers determine which products to buy. Shopping centre owners, such as Westfield, are utilising this technology to digitise the shopping experience.
And, to make sure that the kiosks run smoothly, advanced technologies such as the S22 industrial computers witha projected capacitive touchscreen, are utilised in newer models of these kiosks. Its excellent build quality reduces the need for frequent maintenance. Customer shopping will be streamlined with this device, which ensures consumer satisfaction.
Is the retail store looking to install interactive kiosks? Find out on this blog why it is ideal to build S22 industrial PC with projected capacitance for the store’s kiosks.

Streamline the Metal Smelting Operations Using the S12 Panel PCs

The metal smelting process had been used for thousands of years to produce important metals. The process begins with gathering the raw metal ore then crushing the raw materials. After that, the crushed materials are segregated and heated to the melting point. Then, the molten ores are treated and cooled down until the desired product is obtained.
Today, new technological innovations can help streamline the smelting process. Using these technologies, smelting factories can produce more metals with high quality. Industrial computing devices such as theS12 industrial panel PCs are utilised by these smelting plants to help monitor the process.
These rugged industrial computers help operators analyse the data and provide a clearer view of the production line. During the melting phase, these devices can monitor the temperature and quality of the products. Hence, it allows the operator to easily detect if any issue occur during production.
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