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Invest in Industrial Computers for Print Media Publication

A large margin of what we view of ourselves and our own society is because of the way print media reports on it. As such a powerful institution, print productions still requite the usage of industrial computers on a day-to-day basis.
Commonly referred to as the ‘fourth estate’, the media has the influential power to overthrow governments and change people’s perceptions of the world. But how does the advancement of technologies integrate to the new media these days?

The world of Print Media
Due to the large amounts of material that are printed daily, and the amount of publications that a particular media conglomerate has, technological advancements for its faster production make it easy to speed up the editorial processes.
Whether a daily, weekly, or monthly magazine, once the news reaches distribution, there is no turning back – making the preparation behind these publications much more important. The need to adapt to more industrial forms of technology in regards to print is important,…

Food for Thought: Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Technology

The hands-on approach that many projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen users have is one of the most widely used interfaces throughout the world. PCAP touchscreen applications are visible not only in mobile, tablet, and personal computer use, but also in more industrial settings.
These settings include steel manufacturing, military, and food processing – areas where precision and safety are of utmost concern. In turn, this helps set the tone for developing improved machinery, and even specialised equipment.

Hospitality Management with Panel PC Technology

Knowing the importance of responsiveness is key to the success of any hospitality service industry. Because of these demands, it can be difficult to conduct daily tasks without some sort of help from computers and gadgets that can organise and prioritise tasks for them.
These instances make it difficult for technology that it inefficient and lags, as any gap in communicating or observing requests can be detrimental to a business when built up over time. Because it is an industry that entails dealing with others on a daily basis, it is crucial to invest in materials that can be useful to them.
Now, panel PCs are also used in hotel establishments such as cashier registers and even on automatic teller machines (also known as ATMs) which makes it familiar to most of us by sight. However, there is a need to develop and learn the proper use of panel devices for every service personnel.

Panel PC’s Hospitality Industry Uses
Computer literacy programs often focus on personal computer hardware and …