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Best Feats of S12 Industrial-Grade Computer for Aviation Efficiency

Aviation industries are on the way to numerous changes. Research and development has taken aviation forward to new heights. Recently, a 65 million pound centre is being built at Cranfield University. This centre will spearhead research in digital aviation technology. Its main objective is to help boost aviation, making aircraft faster and more efficient.
In light of these recent developments, aviation operations must upgrade their technology. This is to ensure that operations are efficient and reliable. Our S12 industrial computer has the specifications needed for aviation operations. This device comes with a built in Intel Core i7 processor. Its high processing capabilities lessen machine lag and delay. Also, it has an IP69K stainless steel enclosure. Its sleek panelled enclosure protects its hardware from dust.
With the S12 industrial computer, aviation industries can take advantage of this device. Take a look at how this computer’s specifications improves efficiency in operations.

S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen in the Food Processing Industries

Food processing industries use industrial computing devices to manage its operations. Without these devices, procedures would take hours to complete if done manually. Some of these procedures include on sorting & packaging of food products before delivery. But, using industrial PCs can streamline these procedures to ensure an efficient workflow.
That’s why industrial computers are used in these food production plants to speed up its entire operations. At the same time, these devices can function for longer hours. And, it can still operate despite the demanding working conditions in the facility.
An example of an industrial PC that can function on these facilities is the S22 industrial panel PC. This device has specifications suitable for many processing applications in this industry. In fact, food industries can make use of this device to do inventory & automate its processes.
Another feature of this device is its projected capacitive touchscreen. Its multi-touch function featur…

Make Use of S22 Embedded Panel PCs in the Food Processing Operations

Contamination and spoilage is what every food processing plant wants to avoid. This is why this industry has such stringent hygienic and processing standards. Their processes are kept clean and efficient following the UK food safety standards. Hence, any food product that is delayed could cause public health and safety concerns.
As a food manufacturing plant owner, there is a need to ensure that food safety standards are kept. Start by using an industrial computing devices that can keep up with the operations. With panel PCs, optimising the manufacturing operations in the plant can be achieved.
These industrial PCs have been used as control panels in many food processing plants. These devices have a large contribution in running efficient food production. So, what kind of device can be fit for these industries?
Here is the S22 industrial computer that can withstand high-pressure environments and temperatures. Apart from its suitability in the industry, it keeps the production operations…