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Improve Modern Airport Communication Using Rugged Industrial Computers

Today, air travel is one of the most important means of delivering cargo. In fact, experts forecast that air traffic will double in the next 20 years [World Air Cargo].  Handling this demand means that proper communication between the pilots, air traffic controllers, and airport crew managers is required.
So, as a solution to this need, installing reliable computing devices are necessary. Now industrial-grade computing devices are able to function for extended periods of time. Its rugged features protect the sensitive internal components of the computer. Thus, this allows the device to operate optimally in varying conditions.
Now, can this device have the capability to be used an efficient communication system? Learn more on this blog on how utilising an industrial computer can improve airport communications.

Pros of the S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC for E-Commerce Kiosks

Shopping through a virtual platform has been around since 1984 (BBC News). The system was initially used to help elderly people who find it difficult to purchase items. They purchased items by ordering product presented through the television.
Today, e-commerce is one of the fastest rising trading platforms in the world. Retail store owners are adapting to this online shopping phenomenon through the use of interactive e-commerce kiosk. These kiosks allow customers to view the available products in inventory, learn about new products being introduced, and be updated regarding sales.
Read on the blog other benefits offered by integrating the S22 projected capacitive touchscreen PC for the retail store e-commerce kiosks.

Steel Factories Using the S12 Panel PC to Improve the Operations Efficiency

Modern smelting operations utilise new techniques to produce high-quality metal alloys. One such method is the electric smelting process.
The electric smelting process has improved the metal smelting operation by reducing the need for coal heated furnaces. In this system, the raw materials are melted via electric currents. To precisely monitor this process, industrial computers are utilised. 
In fact, steel manufacturing factories are now integrating industrial computing devices. For instance, occurrences inherent in the electric smelting process, such as time lags, may produce unfavourable products. Hence, industrial grade computers are used to accurately monitor the metal alloy product with as little time lag as possible.
Moreover, one industrial computer featured to these processes is the S12 rugged industrial panel PC. This device functions optimally for extended operating periods of time whilst displaying the metal alloy data as precisely as possible.
In this way, operators can dete…

IP69K Stainless Steel 22-Inch Industrial Computer On Wayfinding Kiosks

Digital wayfinding kiosks are becoming more common in highly populated public locations. Populous locations, such as malls, benefit from this kiosk by directing potential customers to their destinations, answering queries regarding products, and promoting local mall events and sales. Since these kiosks are located in exposed public areas, rugged industrial computers should be utilised for these wayfinding devices.
One industrial computing device suitable for these applications is the S22 rugged industrial PC. It is built with a stainless steel body that resists most foreign intrusions which includes dust, water, and even cleaning chemicals. And, its internal components are protected and the occurrence of system errors are significantly reduced. There are also several attributes that these computers have which makes it ideal for wayfinding kiosks.

Build the S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC for E-Commerce Kiosks

Shopping stores are now integrating interactive and self-service kiosks to help customers determine which products to buy. Shopping centre owners, such as Westfield, are utilising this technology to digitise the shopping experience.
And, to make sure that the kiosks run smoothly, advanced technologies such as the S22 industrial computers witha projected capacitive touchscreen, are utilised in newer models of these kiosks. Its excellent build quality reduces the need for frequent maintenance. Customer shopping will be streamlined with this device, which ensures consumer satisfaction.
Is the retail store looking to install interactive kiosks? Find out on this blog why it is ideal to build S22 industrial PC with projected capacitance for the store’s kiosks.

Streamline the Metal Smelting Operations Using the S12 Panel PCs

The metal smelting process had been used for thousands of years to produce important metals. The process begins with gathering the raw metal ore then crushing the raw materials. After that, the crushed materials are segregated and heated to the melting point. Then, the molten ores are treated and cooled down until the desired product is obtained.
Today, new technological innovations can help streamline the smelting process. Using these technologies, smelting factories can produce more metals with high quality. Industrial computing devices such as theS12 industrial panel PCs are utilised by these smelting plants to help monitor the process.
These rugged industrial computers help operators analyse the data and provide a clearer view of the production line. During the melting phase, these devices can monitor the temperature and quality of the products. Hence, it allows the operator to easily detect if any issue occur during production.
But is there a way to convince the stakeholders of the …

Why Install the S22 Industrial Computers for Outdoor Wayfinding Kiosks

Wayfinding kiosks are quickly becoming an integral navigation tool for customers unfamiliar with the area. It displays live data on the screen enabling customers to easily access the intended data. For example, tourists arriving in a foreign country utilise these kiosks. By using these kiosks, they can find their way around and the famous locations the area.
In fact, some hotels and conference centres use these kiosks for their guests and clients. These not only help their clients find the directions, but these also show them the schedule for meeting and agenda.
There are now a number of vendors offering advanced interactive kiosks for wayfindingneeds at competitive rates due to the demand. But, how can one determine which qualities meet the demand of an outdoor kiosk? Learn from this blog the features that industrial computers possess which make it ideal for these kiosks.

Why Use Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for E-Commerce Kiosks

An increasing number of customers are looking to e-commerce kiosks to gather product information and purchase their goods. There are retail stores in the United Kingdom already integrating the technology. These kiosks allow customers to browse their entire product line, place orders and pay for goods via credit card.
So, how can these kiosks operate and provide services to the customer? Basically, these kiosks are built with a reliable system processor that ensure certain applications are performed optimally. The other parts of the system are designed to fit any type of working environments. It bears industrial-grade components that can withstand both tough applications and harsh conditions.
That is why industrial computers are used in building kiosk for retail stores. This ensures that any update on product pricing and innovations can be handled on this device. As a result, the demands of customers are met and they can learn about their target goods easily.
Moreover, industrial PCs fea…

Advantages of Using Industrial Panel PCs to the Metal Smelting Process

Metal smelting has been around for thousands of years. Long ago, the raw ores are heated to hundreds of degrees. Afterwards, the ores are refined to obtain the desired metals.
Today, the process has changed a bit due to the existing technologies. Advanced techniques are used to make the process more efficient. Valuable components can be properly separated from other materials.
Upon entering the smelting plant, the conditions are extremely dangerous. There are fumes, dust, heavy metals and high heat present in the area. Even with these situations, human intervention might be needed to oversee some of the important processes.
Now, operators useindustrial panel PCs to oversee some operations without the need to personally go to the area. They use it to monitor the temperatures in the smelting area. Workers also use the industrial computer to help make the system more streamlined. These advanced computing devices increase the efficiency of the system, it helps lessen the burden on the worker…

Benefits of Installing an Industrial Computer in the Wayfinding Kiosks

Tourism is a booming business in many parts of the world. In fact, the United Kingdom is the eight largest international tourism destination ranked by a number of visitors. For the year 2014, the tourism industry has an estimated value of €121.1 billion or 7.1% of the UK’s GDP [Tourism Alliance UK]. Because of this, there is a need to serve this growing demand.
As one of the most effective ways to delight these tourists, wayfinding kiosks are installed in public places. These kiosks are typically found in airports, malls or universities. Evidently, the population density is high and exposed to the harsh elements. There is a huge possibility that its system will fail due to a lot of reasons. These kiosks will be frequently used by the general public. Thereby, potential elements from these environments may damage its system.
Fortunately, industrial computing devices can be installed in these kiosks. An industrial computer comes with a built-in stainless steel enclosure that makes it well-…

Automated Systems on the S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

Automation is one of the most utilised systems in many industries. It enables the manufacturers to streamline their operations efficiently and productively. That is why taking advantage of automated systems is also critical for food processing operations. It helps in speeding up the food processes and increases production yield as well.
So, how can food processing utilise automation? Food processing industries can utilise an automation in many ways. One example of it is by installing an automated systems in quality assurance and control. Operators can determine the quality of the processed foods by using the automated system. Thus, rest assured that foods processed are contamination-free and safe for consumption.
But, using automated systems can be difficult without the proper computing technology. This device should have the required specifications to install an automated system.
In order to advance automation needs, upgrade to industrial computers. The S22 industrial panel PCs has an …

Take Advantage with S22 Touch Panel PCs for Food Processing Facilities

Food processing industries always ensure that food products are of high quality and safe for consumption. Its operations must have the equipment that can function well even in its hygienic kind of environment. That is why most food processing facilities acquire computing equipment with the preferred requirements.
Food products can easily be damaged or contaminated if handled improperly during operations. Thus, food processing facilities should ensure that foods processed undergo several quality checks. So, what type of device is suitable for hygienic environments?
Our 22” industrial panel PCs can have the specifications needed for food processing. It has the capability to withstand hygienic environment as well. In fact, this device has IP69K rating with NEMA4 sealing capabilities. It has a degree of protection against water intrusion and dust ingress. This device is also resistant to chemical substances such as caustic cleaners that are being used in operations.
Now, can this computing…

Best Feats of S12 Industrial-Grade Computer for Aviation Efficiency

Aviation industries are on the way to numerous changes. Research and development has taken aviation forward to new heights. Recently, a 65 million pound centre is being built at Cranfield University. This centre will spearhead research in digital aviation technology. Its main objective is to help boost aviation, making aircraft faster and more efficient.
In light of these recent developments, aviation operations must upgrade their technology. This is to ensure that operations are efficient and reliable. Our S12 industrial computer has the specifications needed for aviation operations. This device comes with a built in Intel Core i7 processor. Its high processing capabilities lessen machine lag and delay. Also, it has an IP69K stainless steel enclosure. Its sleek panelled enclosure protects its hardware from dust.
With the S12 industrial computer, aviation industries can take advantage of this device. Take a look at how this computer’s specifications improves efficiency in operations.

S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen in the Food Processing Industries

Food processing industries use industrial computing devices to manage its operations. Without these devices, procedures would take hours to complete if done manually. Some of these procedures include on sorting & packaging of food products before delivery. But, using industrial PCs can streamline these procedures to ensure an efficient workflow.
That’s why industrial computers are used in these food production plants to speed up its entire operations. At the same time, these devices can function for longer hours. And, it can still operate despite the demanding working conditions in the facility.
An example of an industrial PC that can function on these facilities is the S22 industrial panel PC. This device has specifications suitable for many processing applications in this industry. In fact, food industries can make use of this device to do inventory & automate its processes.
Another feature of this device is its projected capacitive touchscreen. Its multi-touch function featur…

Make Use of S22 Embedded Panel PCs in the Food Processing Operations

Contamination and spoilage is what every food processing plant wants to avoid. This is why this industry has such stringent hygienic and processing standards. Their processes are kept clean and efficient following the UK food safety standards. Hence, any food product that is delayed could cause public health and safety concerns.
As a food manufacturing plant owner, there is a need to ensure that food safety standards are kept. Start by using an industrial computing devices that can keep up with the operations. With panel PCs, optimising the manufacturing operations in the plant can be achieved.
These industrial PCs have been used as control panels in many food processing plants. These devices have a large contribution in running efficient food production. So, what kind of device can be fit for these industries?
Here is the S22 industrial computer that can withstand high-pressure environments and temperatures. Apart from its suitability in the industry, it keeps the production operations…

Optimise the Logistics in the Aviation with S12 Industrial Computers

There are fewer inventions in modern history that are as monumental as flight. In over a hundred years, aviation has taken mankind over leaps and bounds. Its advancements in transport and shipping are noteworthy. This same innovation should reflect in the industrial computing devices that aviation uses.
Today, new innovations in the aviation logistics are still being made. In fact, aviation owes a lot of its transport efficiency to industrial computers. These advanced computing devices are some of the best in systematising industrial processes. Operations and logistics are made much more efficient. This, and more, makes it the right fit for the logistics.
For aviation industry experts, prioritising timeliness in delivery is paramount. When everything goes according to schedule, operations are efficient. It ensures smooth transactions and safety of the entire flight operations. This is why an industrial computing device must be employed.
One of these devices is the S12 industrial panel P…