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Benefits of Installing an Industrial Computer in the Wayfinding Kiosks

Tourism is a booming business in many parts of the world. In fact, the United Kingdom is the eight largest international tourism destination ranked by a number of visitors. For the year 2014, the tourism industry has an estimated value of €121.1 billion or 7.1% of the UK’s GDP [Tourism Alliance UK]. Because of this, there is a need to serve this growing demand.
As one of the most effective ways to delight these tourists, wayfinding kiosks are installed in public places. These kiosks are typically found in airports, malls or universities. Evidently, the population density is high and exposed to the harsh elements. There is a huge possibility that its system will fail due to a lot of reasons. These kiosks will be frequently used by the general public. Thereby, potential elements from these environments may damage its system.
Fortunately, industrial computing devices can be installed in these kiosks. An industrial computer comes with a built-in stainless steel enclosure that makes it well-…

Automated Systems on the S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

Automation is one of the most utilised systems in many industries. It enables the manufacturers to streamline their operations efficiently and productively. That is why taking advantage of automated systems is also critical for food processing operations. It helps in speeding up the food processes and increases production yield as well.
So, how can food processing utilise automation? Food processing industries can utilise an automation in many ways. One example of it is by installing an automated systems in quality assurance and control. Operators can determine the quality of the processed foods by using the automated system. Thus, rest assured that foods processed are contamination-free and safe for consumption.
But, using automated systems can be difficult without the proper computing technology. This device should have the required specifications to install an automated system.
In order to advance automation needs, upgrade to industrial computers. The S22 industrial panel PCs has an …

Take Advantage with S22 Touch Panel PCs for Food Processing Facilities

Food processing industries always ensure that food products are of high quality and safe for consumption. Its operations must have the equipment that can function well even in its hygienic kind of environment. That is why most food processing facilities acquire computing equipment with the preferred requirements.
Food products can easily be damaged or contaminated if handled improperly during operations. Thus, food processing facilities should ensure that foods processed undergo several quality checks. So, what type of device is suitable for hygienic environments?
Our 22” industrial panel PCs can have the specifications needed for food processing. It has the capability to withstand hygienic environment as well. In fact, this device has IP69K rating with NEMA4 sealing capabilities. It has a degree of protection against water intrusion and dust ingress. This device is also resistant to chemical substances such as caustic cleaners that are being used in operations.
Now, can this computing…

Best Feats of S12 Industrial-Grade Computer for Aviation Efficiency

Aviation industries are on the way to numerous changes. Research and development has taken aviation forward to new heights. Recently, a 65 million pound centre is being built at Cranfield University. This centre will spearhead research in digital aviation technology. Its main objective is to help boost aviation, making aircraft faster and more efficient.
In light of these recent developments, aviation operations must upgrade their technology. This is to ensure that operations are efficient and reliable. Our S12 industrial computer has the specifications needed for aviation operations. This device comes with a built in Intel Core i7 processor. Its high processing capabilities lessen machine lag and delay. Also, it has an IP69K stainless steel enclosure. Its sleek panelled enclosure protects its hardware from dust.
With the S12 industrial computer, aviation industries can take advantage of this device. Take a look at how this computer’s specifications improves efficiency in operations.

S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen in the Food Processing Industries

Food processing industries use industrial computing devices to manage its operations. Without these devices, procedures would take hours to complete if done manually. Some of these procedures include on sorting & packaging of food products before delivery. But, using industrial PCs can streamline these procedures to ensure an efficient workflow.
That’s why industrial computers are used in these food production plants to speed up its entire operations. At the same time, these devices can function for longer hours. And, it can still operate despite the demanding working conditions in the facility.
An example of an industrial PC that can function on these facilities is the S22 industrial panel PC. This device has specifications suitable for many processing applications in this industry. In fact, food industries can make use of this device to do inventory & automate its processes.
Another feature of this device is its projected capacitive touchscreen. Its multi-touch function featur…

Make Use of S22 Embedded Panel PCs in the Food Processing Operations

Contamination and spoilage is what every food processing plant wants to avoid. This is why this industry has such stringent hygienic and processing standards. Their processes are kept clean and efficient following the UK food safety standards. Hence, any food product that is delayed could cause public health and safety concerns.
As a food manufacturing plant owner, there is a need to ensure that food safety standards are kept. Start by using an industrial computing devices that can keep up with the operations. With panel PCs, optimising the manufacturing operations in the plant can be achieved.
These industrial PCs have been used as control panels in many food processing plants. These devices have a large contribution in running efficient food production. So, what kind of device can be fit for these industries?
Here is the S22 industrial computer that can withstand high-pressure environments and temperatures. Apart from its suitability in the industry, it keeps the production operations…

Optimise the Logistics in the Aviation with S12 Industrial Computers

There are fewer inventions in modern history that are as monumental as flight. In over a hundred years, aviation has taken mankind over leaps and bounds. Its advancements in transport and shipping are noteworthy. This same innovation should reflect in the industrial computing devices that aviation uses.
Today, new innovations in the aviation logistics are still being made. In fact, aviation owes a lot of its transport efficiency to industrial computers. These advanced computing devices are some of the best in systematising industrial processes. Operations and logistics are made much more efficient. This, and more, makes it the right fit for the logistics.
For aviation industry experts, prioritising timeliness in delivery is paramount. When everything goes according to schedule, operations are efficient. It ensures smooth transactions and safety of the entire flight operations. This is why an industrial computing device must be employed.
One of these devices is the S12 industrial panel P…

Efficient Food Processing Using Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

Maintaining an efficient production flow is the key to successful food processing operations. When nothing impedes the speed and flow of production, products can be created timely. But, when there are glitches in the flow of production, this can create delays in the delivery. This can impact the quality and amount of food being produced.

Given this, advanced computing devices can help these industries in the operations. As it is laborious to do quality checks by hand, panel PCs with projected capacitance can be used. These touchscreen devices can oversee quality checks faster than manually doing so. Hence, these devices come with benefits that are appropriate for processing plant conditions.
In fact, these projected capacitive touchscreen PCs are suitable for food processing operations. These can also help operators to look over the entire production process. However, before deciding on a purchase, it would be wise to look over the advantages on this blog.

Why Food Processing Plants Need To Use Embedded Touch Panel PCs

Investing in industrial computing devices keeps food processing standards up-to-date. These devices can speed up the processes to deliver perishable goods timely. Given this, it is in the best interests of any food manufacturing plant to invest in advanced PCs.
With these computing devices, it can streamline operations in different industrial settings. These devices can withstand working environments that are subject to dust and heat.
In fact, these industrial panel PCs were built specifically for this use. Its processing power can perform at its best among any manufacturing plant standards.
So what other specifications should production plant operators need to consider? How will these devices aid them to keep the overall operations running smoothly? Read further on this blog to learn more.

Installing Industrial Computer Workstations on Food Processing Plants

Food processing industries need to abide on hygiene standards and quality control regulations. Hygienic standards are in place to ensure non-contamination of the food products. Quality control faces issues with operational procedures that end up creating substandard products. Thus, there is a need to invest in advanced PCs to improve the operations and have better services.
In these processing plants, industrial computers are integrated to the operational standards. Primarily, it can withstand the dynamics in the production floor of the factory. These advanced PCs also have to operate well under pressure. And, it may be subject to contaminants that can damage its internal hardware.
That’s why investing in these advanced PCs with all those capabilities is necessary. What more if an industrial PC is integrate into a workstation? Learn more why industrial computing devices in a workstation is suitable in these industries.

Why the Aviation Sector Go for S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC

When shipping goods, we perceive of having these goods flown only through airline companies. Or, it may be delivered by other types of delivery services. Given this, improving efficiency in the aviation operations means ensuring punctual delivery times.
To improve delivery through airline services, panel PCs with a projected capacitance feature can be of great help. With projected capacitive touchscreen PCs, efficiency in the operations management will be achieved. In turn, this can lead to a faster production and delivery time as compared to before.
But which features make it suitable for the airline transport companies? For instance, you can have efficient operations with the help of the S17 touchscreen PC.
Read further as you get to know why you should invest on these advanced computing devices.

17” Capacitive Touch Panel PCs for the Organic Food Processing

Using touchscreen panel PCs is an advantage in the food processing industry. Its ability to boost operational management makes production time faster. This is a concern as food products tend to go to waste quickly. With organic food processing, this is even more of an issue.
But only when buying organic food, consumers will be free from genetically modified organisms (GMO). As such, this makes the food less susceptible to allergens found in the human body. A lot of these can be found in health food stores and farmer’s markets. Since it has no preservative content, the organic food may rot faster than usual during shipment.  
With the need for faster processing times, the S17 touch panel PC is the best fit for processing organic food. Its sophisticated capabilities and durability make it fit for the industry. Its stainless steel enclosure keeps the machine safe from harsh elements. All these features are what makes our embedded panel computers the top choice.

Utilising 17” Industrial Computers on the Military Aircrafts

Military aircrafts are not only reserved for the Royal Air Force. In fact, all branches of the military use aircraft for different purposes. Because of its wide use, technology must be able to be as adaptable as the aircraft itself. This includes adapting of an industrial computer technology for military use.
As such, military contractors should know what is best for their clients. With industrial computers, you can ensure that you can acquire the best technology.  
Make a decision whether to build this advanced computing device. Foresee the success on any military operation. Know on its features that an industrial PC can provide to maintain UK military standards.

How 22” Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs Fit for Food Processing

Industrial computing devices contribute to the advancement of many food processing industries. These industrial PCs make it easier for the logistics to function in the operations. For example, food processing industries follow a standard of modern production rates. By using industrial PCs, achieving these standards are now possible at faster rates. With projected capacitive touchscreen, it is easy to reach these rates at a greater pace.  
Food processing involves a delicate process. The technology that should be used for it must be of great quality. Choosing on the right industrial computing device you wish to invest is a good start. Look for an equipment that can perform multiple functions. Assess if the features measure well with your expectations of such equipment.

Utilising 17” Rugged Panel PC in Airline Operations

Airline industries generate a lot of income for the UK economy. Because of the wear that happens over time, airlines require multiple maintenance procedures. These are critical in the safety of everyone involved in airline operations. It is why it is important to invest in technology that can boost operations in light of the risks.
Given these possible instances, rugged panel PCs can be of help on the airline operations. It can perform features that would not exist in other computer devices. These devices have protective measures making it suitable for extreme and harsh environments. These functions make airline operations run more efficiently. Thus, your airline company can ensure your passengers’ journey smooth and comfortable.

Setup 17” Rugged Panel PCs on Airline Maintenance
For operations to be effective, there has to be constant improvement. One way to do that is to upgrade your PC devices used on the airline operations. When investing in technology, find a device that can maintain…

Vegetable Distribution Usage of 12.1” Rugged Industrial Computers

Vegetable distribution today requires a powerful technology that can bolster its operations management. In fact, this industry is an important factor in sustaining public health. It delivers fresh vegetable products to the masses. Hence, it is important to safeguard this industry’s growth. With the advancement of technology, industrial computers can help for its distribution.
Local and national investments are dependent into the agriculture industry. Indeed, you can tell that the UK agricultureindustry is lucrative. The UK leads to be the producer of cereals, pulses, fruits, root vegetables, and forage crops. This includes wheat, barley, oats, peas, cabbages, apples, and pears. But, these products have a limited shelf life.
To solve this, quick packaging and distribution is ideal to maintain optimum freshness. Agricultural manufacturers must invest in advanced technology that can maintain product quality. Whether in its creation or distribution, computing technology can boost operations…