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Improve Modern Airport Communication Using Rugged Industrial Computers

Today, air travel is one of the most important means of delivering cargo. In fact, experts forecast that air traffic will double in the next 20 years [World Air Cargo].  Handling this demand means that proper communication between the pilots, air traffic controllers, and airport crew managers is required.
So, as a solution to this need, installing reliable computing devices are necessary. Now industrial-grade computing devices are able to function for extended periods of time. Its rugged features protect the sensitive internal components of the computer. Thus, this allows the device to operate optimally in varying conditions.
Now, can this device have the capability to be used an efficient communication system? Learn more on this blog on how utilising an industrial computer can improve airport communications.

Pros of the S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC for E-Commerce Kiosks

Shopping through a virtual platform has been around since 1984 (BBC News). The system was initially used to help elderly people who find it difficult to purchase items. They purchased items by ordering product presented through the television.
Today, e-commerce is one of the fastest rising trading platforms in the world. Retail store owners are adapting to this online shopping phenomenon through the use of interactive e-commerce kiosk. These kiosks allow customers to view the available products in inventory, learn about new products being introduced, and be updated regarding sales.
Read on the blog other benefits offered by integrating the S22 projected capacitive touchscreen PC for the retail store e-commerce kiosks.