Business Tech: Industrial Computer vs. Personal Computer

Computers have become necessary tools for conducting business. There is a choice of traditional personal computers, or their industrial alternatives when carrying out various business operations. Personal and industrial PCs essentially have the same components, but industrial computer parts are tougher and fortified.

For example, a semi-rugged computer suitable for industrial use will have a spill-resistant keyboard. With this feature, users get a sturdier keyboard that can survive common spill accidents. Rugged computers also have shock resistance to protect them from vibrations and drops. The hard disk is also gel-mounted and the casing thicker.

Difference in Features

Business computers, especially laptops, experience a lot of abuse. It is why manufacturers are coming up with rugged computers for business. The features of these machines set them apart from standard personal computers. There are certain specifications used for rugged computers and those differentiate them from personal PCs. The IP (Ingression Protection) is one of the features that characterises rugged PCs. It refers to a computer’s capability for solid and liquid penetration resistance and is expressed in two digits. There is also the National Electrical Manufacturer Association (NEMA) rating, which indicates the resistance that a computer’s fixed enclosure has to harsh environments.

Common Damage Scenarios

There are several scenarios where a personal computer would easily get damaged. Travelling with a business laptop, for instance, means that the machine has to endure shock and vibrations that can cause malfunctions in some of the components. A personal PC can also suffer damages when they get wet, which happens when users accidentally spill drinks on them or expose them to rainy weather. Dropping a personal computer is another instance that may result in a damaged machine.

How Industrial PCs help

Rugged computers are designed to withstand the scenarios mentioned above. With a casing or enclosure that absorbs shock, a rugged computer would function fine even after falling. If a rugged business computer fell into a swimming pool, it would survive without compromising data. An industrial computer with dust and moisture sealing will not fail when being used in a harsher environment.


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