Mechanical or Digital Keyboards for your Panel PC

It is difficult to imagine personal computers without physical keyboards. For as long as they have been available for purchase, keyboards are an integral part in navigating both hardware and software aspects of any computers.

With the wave of tablets and panel PCs entering the market, however, mechanical keyboards are being taken over by their flat-surfaced counterparts.

How Mechanical or Digital Keyboards Work On Panel PCs

How Mechanical or Digital Keyboards Work On Panel PCs

A keyboard’s structure and layout is equally important to its performance. Those who have been raised alongside computer usage are proficient touch typists, enough that they no longer need to physically glance at a keyboard while writing.

This reflex, this muscle memory, should be kept in mind whilst deciding in the kind of keyboard you desire. If you prefer having physical keys, or the cool look of smooth surfaces, is really a matter of preference.

Which brings us back, of course, to the question; will mechanical or digital keyboards work for panel PCs? It might be right for you if you have any of the following:

Industrial Environments

As an industrial computer, panel PCs are built for usage in environments that are less personal and more in line with production and manufacturing.

Its components will depend on the usage – if you are thinking of implementing one into you main operations panel, then a physical keyboard will be better used as you can utilise more commands at a faster rate than one would be able to do without it.

The present technology allows you to operate with ease in a more visual platform, so that large scale operations can easily view their work. 

Home Use

For those who use panel devices for far more domestic pursuits, digital screens will be able to offer you the ease of design and flexibility that you want.

Installing for use in restaurants, or public areas such as parks and museums, usually negates the need for a physical keyboard such as in automatic teller machines (ATMs) where ease of use is key.

Upgrading the Hardware

Software applications tend to change at a fast pace, which usually necessitates an upgrade in your panel devices’ performance. Whether it’s a bigger RAM or larger hard disk storage, it will usually require changing hardware systems along with it.

Environmental factors are also to be considered. For example, allowing better projected capacitive touchscreen capabilities will be better suited to digital keyboards, as touchscreen keyboards allow for better access in that category.


Simply put, physical keyboards will deteriorate. These will often need to be replaced, with letters worn down or coming off altogether.

Whilst keyboards are rather inexpensive compared to an actual panel computer, the long-reaching costs of it is something to consider. As digital keyboards often act like a touchscreen device, there is no chance of damage unless it is to the actual product.

Those are just some ways that we can consider in procuring keyboards for your panel devices. In the end, it all matters to personal preference, as these computers are adaptable and can be outfitted to suit your needs.


3 Reasons You Should Consider Buying A Mechanical Keyboard,


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