Hospitality Management with Panel PC Technology

Knowing the importance of responsiveness is key to the success of any hospitality service industry. Because of these demands, it can be difficult to conduct daily tasks without some sort of help from computers and gadgets that can organise and prioritise tasks for them.

These instances make it difficult for technology that it inefficient and lags, as any gap in communicating or observing requests can be detrimental to a business when built up over time. Because it is an industry that entails dealing with others on a daily basis, it is crucial to invest in materials that can be useful to them.

Now, panel PCs are also used in hotel establishments such as cashier registers and even on automatic teller machines (also known as ATMs) which makes it familiar to most of us by sight. However, there is a need to develop and learn the proper use of panel devices for every service personnel.

Hospitality Integration with Panel PCs

Panel PC’s Hospitality Industry Uses

Computer literacy programs often focus on personal computer hardware and software, even though these are much more fragile when exposed to the elements. Industrial computers can carry much more in terms of memory, performance, and durability, and slowly, these machines are entering mainstream usage.

In managing large groups of people, especially those with specific demands, can be challenging. With panel PC technology, however, the pressure on each individual can be minimised when the workflow is integrated with machines such as this.

Making Use of Panel Devices on the Hotel and Restaurant Industry

Because panel PCs are often seen in commercial establishments such as groceries, banks, and museums, the service industry has prior knowledge in dealing with machines such as these. It is often in the hands of hotel and restaurant managers that these panel devices often deal with not just those in the industry, but for their clients, guests and patrons as well.

This technology can be found from the front desk, when booking rooms or checking in, from calling in room service to contacting housekeeping in order to get a specific request done. They may even be used to book outside facilities such as restaurants, entertainment facilities, and vehicles for easier travel around the city.

People-First Policy

As a “people-first” industry, client requests often take precedence over anything else. As such, panel devices with a dedicated LCD touchscreen are often in place at these establishments.

Wouldn’t it be great for clients to follow-up on requests in just a touch of their fingertips? Through this functionality, clients can prioritise which ones should be catered to first.

Staffing and Payroll

Apart from dealing with clients, these computers can also be used to monitor wait staff and housekeeping on their payroll, hours rendered, requests met, and customer feedback for each person.

With dedicated screens that can visualise an employee’s performance, it will be easier for management to keep track of the workflow and processes that each employee goes through.

Better Lives through Panel PC

Touch panel devices can be used to make other people’s lives more comfortable and inviting for those in the hospitality industry.

Investing in these kinds of devices will not only add a boost but also make it easier for you and your colleagues to integrate advanced technology for your hotel and/or restaurant business.


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