Build the S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC for E-Commerce Kiosks

Shopping stores are now integrating interactive and self-service kiosks to help customers determine which products to buy. Shopping centre owners, such as Westfield, are utilising this technology to digitise the shopping experience.

And, to make sure that the kiosks run smoothly, advanced technologies such as the S22 industrial computers witha projected capacitive touchscreen, are utilised in newer models of these kiosks. Its excellent build quality reduces the need for frequent maintenance. Customer shopping will be streamlined with this device, which ensures consumer satisfaction.

Is the retail store looking to install interactive kiosks? Find out on this blog why it is ideal to build S22 industrial PC with projected capacitance for the store’s kiosks.

S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC on E-Commerce Kiosks

Using the S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for E-Commerce Kiosks

Interactive kiosks are consistently utilised by customers in high traffic areas. The device’s touchscreen needs to operate properly whilst undergoing extensive operating hours.

The S22 industrial panel PC with projected capacitance is built to function regardless of operating times and constant usage. Its touchscreen technology easily detects input and displays the data on the screen.

This makes it easier for customers to get information on goods and services available in the establishment. In addition, there several benefits in installing S22 industrial panel PCs to these kiosks.

Why Opt for S22 Industrial Panel PCs with Projected Capacitance

Customers using e-commerce kiosks with projected capacitive touchscreen make them choose their product purchases conveniently. With this feature, it makes the consumer’s shopping experience easier.

Responsive Touchscreen feature

There are three layers in a projected capacitive touchscreen. These are the glass layer, sensing layer and protective glass layer. These three layers are fused to enable a responsive screen interface whilst protecting the display itself. It ensures that the device touchscreen can operate smoothly and durable enough to resist scratches and touch pressures.

Makes Shopping Easier for the Customer

In an increasingly digital-focused market, customers prefer ordering through online stores as it is easier to see which items are at a discount. Self-service kiosks can help bridge this gap between physical and digital shopping.

Advanced kiosk models allow consumers to determine item sales and promos before entering the department store. This makes it easier for customers to determine which products are on sale and if it is still in stock.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Some companies offer computing devices with wireless fidelity connection capabilities. This feature allows staff members to learn about product information to address a customer’s inquiry. Product advertisements and promotions can be shown quickly through online updates.

Opt to Build the S22 Industrial Panel PCs for E-Commerce Kiosks

An increasing number of customers are choosing online stores to order their products. To bridge this gap in the market, retail stores could opt to integrate self-service kiosks on the establishment. These e-commerce kiosks can help customers find great deals and promotions available only in the store.

Installing the S22 industrial computers with projected capacitance ensures that the kiosks can provide the customers with smooth interactive interfaces. Its high operating time and lessened need for maintenance make it the ideal display to address the customer’s needs.


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