Improve Modern Airport Communication Using Rugged Industrial Computers

Today, air travel is one of the most important means of delivering cargo. In fact, experts forecast that air traffic will double in the next 20 years [World Air Cargo].  Handling this demand means that proper communication between the pilots, air traffic controllers, and airport crew managers is required.

So, as a solution to this need, installing reliable computing devices are necessary. Now industrial-grade computing devices are able to function for extended periods of time. Its rugged features protect the sensitive internal components of the computer. Thus, this allows the device to operate optimally in varying conditions.

Now, can this device have the capability to be used an efficient communication system? Learn more on this blog on how utilising an industrial computer can improve airport communications.

Why Install Ruggedised Computing Devices for Airport Operations 

Reducing delays is one of the top priorities in any airport operation. So, reliable communication devices are necessary. That is why rugged computers are ideal for these operations.

Its dedicated computing system utilises the software necessary for airport operations efficiently. Moreover, this type of computer is protected by a stainless-steel construction frame. Thus, it helps in protecting the device from intrusions such as dirt, oil and water.

Now, other features are built into these computing devices to optimise the communication between airport personnel.

Top Reasons to Install Rugged PCs for Airport Communication 

Rugged quality computers are built to operate for extended periods of time. In fact, it is a viable communication solution that functions in various work environments. Here are some advantages in integrating industrial grade PCs for the airport communication system.

Functions in Varying Temperatures 

Conditions inside aeroplane pilot cabins, airport terminals and airport control towers vary greatly. Some areas, such as the control tower, have stable temperatures while airport hangars may have varying temperatures ranges [Temperature Distributions in Long Span Aircraft Hangar]. Thankfully, industrial grade computers have built-in temperature control systems which allow it to function in these conditions.

The watchdog system logs, monitors, and optimises the product which allows it to function in low-temperature environments. Meanwhile, the external cooling fan increases the optimal operating temperature of the device by up to 50oC.

Features Secure Wi-Fi Connectivity 

There are rugged computing devices which features Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows airport workers and airports managers to communicate with air traffic controllers through a secure network.

Issues can then be reported to airport authorities and be resolved quickly. Hence, reducing the delays in the operation. 

Versatile Mounting Options 

There is some industrial grade computing devices with cased or bezel mounting options. This allows the device to be installed in various areas regardless of the physical space restrictions.

Improve Airport Communications using Rugged Computers 

Global air traffic is steadily increasing as more people rely on air travel to deliver cargo. Now, coordination between airport personnel is also essential to improve this air traffic situation. Hence, it is ideal to use an industrial grade computer as a communication solution.

Optimise airport operations today. Contact an industrial computer expert today and improve the air traffic situation by installing industrial computers for the airport communication system.


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