A Few Things You Should to Know About Panel PCs Before Purchasing One

Differentiating Panel Models from Touch-Screen Variants

The primary difference between these two is the fact that a panel operating system is comprised of a touch-screen monitor that is attached to a standard computer. Thus, it is able to boost all of the memory capacity and power that would normally be expected from a personal computer. A standalone touch screen (such as a tablet) utilises a dedicated system such as Android or iOS and therefore, its computing power is slightly less than that of a personal computer.

Understanding Outdoor and Indoor Panel PCs

Outdoor models will naturally require a more rugged build to be protected from the elements. For example, the screen may be able to be read in sunlight or it could be waterproof. The surface of the screen could also be fashioned from materials which allow it to be tapped much harder without suffering damage. This is generally not the case when referring to an indoor panel PC.

Choosing the Right Unit for Your Needs

Notwithstanding the cost of the unit, there are other considerations to address. These include discrete models such as fan-less variants, the size of the screen and industrial-grade durability (such as would be required when working within a harsh environment). For these circumstances, it is wise to choose versions which are equipped with an IP66 certification (protection against dirt, dust and water).

How to Maintain and Extend the Lifespan of Panel Computers

Besides monitoring the processes within the hard drive, a few other general maintenance tips are recommended. The exterior of the screen should be periodically cleaned of all dust, stains and grime. It is also important to note any bubbles or other imperfections, as these may signify that water has entered into a ruptured seal.


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