Rugged Computers Solutions to Problems in Watery Work Environments

Even the least tech savvy of people know that water and electronics do not make for a happy mix. Water creates links between electrical components where links weren't intended to be. As a conductive material, it allows electricity to pass between points that weren't designed by the manufacturer and in doing so, is capable of shorting electronic equipment. So what do you do when you need to operate in watery situations? 

Who Needs a Waterproof Computer?

You might be surprised but a lot of companies are in need of so-called rugged computer solutions and the practice spans multiple industries. You may initially be thinking of deep sea oil rigs, and whilst that is right, any industry that operates in the outdoors will at some point need a computer that can do its job well and won't get wet in the process! Everyone from builders to archaeologists could find themselves in situations where the rain is pouring but they need to update plans or logs without waterlogging their laptop.

What's the Difference?

A waterproofed PC can be everything from a fully custom built, purpose made piece of kit, designed from the ground up to be waterproof, to a ready-made PC that's been adapted to fit rugged needs. PCs that are designed with rugged intentions in mind will, more often than not, have functionality based around their work environment and be less flexible than a non-rugged PC that has been waterproofed. To use an earlier example, the kind of computers you'd find in open areas on an oil rig will lack a lot of regular PC functions, instead being designed to fit a singular purpose.

How to Make a PC Waterproof

Ruggedizing a piece of tech for watery environments can be done in a number of ways. Many tech companies are now making ready ruggedized, purpose-built computers. If it's off the shelf technology, then a lot of companies offer premade or custom built cases that completely seal the unit while maintaining functionality. On the more space age end of the technology is nanocoating, the process of coating a piece of tech in nanometer thick coverings that seal in any electrical components.


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