Sealed, Heavy Duty Panel PCs: Protection for Internal Components

Panel computers are used on factory floors and in areas where standard computers may not be suitable such as point of sale terminals. For this reason, the internal components of a panel PC have to endure tough working conditions. These components must have protection for durability and optimal functionality. One way a panel computer provides that is with its front panels. These can be of steel or aluminium, which have the strength to survive harsh treatments. Panel computers are designed to be compact, making them easy to mount off the floor; hence, providing the necessary protection for internal parts. Some manufacturers also provide external casings that can withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, and chemicals.

Resistance to Harsh Environments

The monitors of panel PCs are ruggedised to allow them to function efficiently in certain industrial settings. For instance, panel computers used in medical laboratories are made to withstand constant cleaning and disinfection. Panel computers also have shock resistant properties to last through constant vibrations and accidental drops. They are also sealing features to avoid water from going to the inside of a machine. The ruggedness of a particular panel PC will depend on its applications. For instance, a panel computer in a wash down area needs to be watertight, and one in a construction factory should be able to handle shock and extreme temperatures.

Panel Computer Designs

Panel PCs resemble compact boxes, which allows for sealing to prevent damage. A panel PC contains only the components it needs to carry out specific functions and this makes it possible to have high-grade internal parts that provide the heavy duty trait of a particular machine. Panel computers are light and straightforward enough to do their utilitarian jobs.

Heavy Duty Computers

Heavy duty panel computers are designed to carry out heavy works loads. The external and internal structure of such a machine have to be tough enough. A heavy duty panel computer has a powerful processor for high computing power. It also contains a quality cooling system, sometimes fanless. Heavy grade panel computers offer high expandability through various expansion slots.


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