Lighting Applications for Projected Capacitive Panels of Various Sizes

In a projected capacitive system, touch and pressure on a screen are detected, allowing the user to control all kinds of computer systems using a finger or stylus.

Until recently, projected capacitive touch panels were limited in size. This was due to the sheer quantity of data generated by touches. The greater the screen area, the more touch points, and the more data being sent to the processor. Advanced processors with faster handling capabilities have allowed larger screens to be built.

Composition of Projected Capacitive Systems

A projected capacitive system consists of conductive material laid out in a grid, sandwiched between layers of glass, with a power supply to create an electrostatic field. Objects coming in proximity to the field distort it at one of the intersections on the grid, and a touch is detected.

The system supports multi touch, where several touches are made simultaneously. The glass screens are reasonably robust and weatherproof. Screen sensitivity and durability, along with the ability to detect multiple touches, makes PCAP touch panels ideal for home and office lighting applications.

Uses in Lighting Applications

Touch screen technology allows easy, instant control of lighting systems. Lights can be turned on or off, dimmed or brightened, or cycled through a range of colours. Unlike a light switch, a touch panel need not be fixed in position, but can be portable, and can be operated remotely, from outside the home.

Lighting systems in public venues, such as theatres, concert halls, and clubs, can be complicated. For many years, these have been controlled by a computer or console. Now, larger PCAP panels allow control of even complex systems using a single screen. Using a projected capacitive system with multi touch allows efficient, fine control over numerous aspects of complex modern lighting systems at the same time, using intuitive gestures and shortcuts.


Self-Capacitive Sensing Brings Touch To Large Screens,

Lighting applications for large-size projected capacitive touch panels,


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