17” Projected Capacitive Touchscreens Usage In Britain’s Car Industry

When one thinks of the British motor industry, you can recall a sense of luxury and performance with brands like Bentley, AstonMartin and Rolls-Royce. Well-renowned names such as these need projected capacitive touchscreen technology to the growing car industry. Upholding such a prestigious reputation is the job of any car manufacturer in the country.

Apart from protecting a brand’s prestige, updating and improving with technology comes with several advantages. In improvisation, car manufacturers create more efficient control systems and manufacturing processes that greatly benefit the speed and quality.

Are you considering an investment to embedded touchscreen panel computers? Here is what you need to know.
Using 17” Projected Capacitive Touchscreens for Car Manufacturing Development
The Britain’s car manufacturing industry before the era of projected capacitive touchscreen used to assemble by hand. Now these assemblies can be done through mechanical and computational use. © Slash Gear

Britain’s Car Industry in the Age of Projected Capacitive Touchscreens

Britain’s car manufacturing industry continues to boom despite having several thousands of competitors in the world market.

Everything from Italian, American and Japanese brands known for family-friendly and sport vehicles, a refined sense of both design aesthetics and engineering performance needs to go into the creation of each and every line of cars.

So, how can car manufacturers invest in advanced technology to keep their industry on top of the world’s stage?

The need for utilising touchscreen technology

Utilising industrial computer technology in the operations can greatly speed up the car manufacturing processes, without sacrificing quality.

With an Intel Bay Trail M/D operating system bearing 2.0 GHz Quadcore processor in its motherboard, a 17″ rugged industrial panel computer can guarantee faster and better performance. Along with this is a built-in Watchdog timer that can keep operations timely and orderly.

Speeding Up Research and Design for Car Development

Research and design can be made easy due to these internal capacitors, as either a pre-built or company-owned software that is capable of handling even the most technical and complicated computer programs. Because of its touchscreen capacity, design is made to be literally hands-on and acceptable.

Car Manufacturing Industry Environment

Manufacturing environments can be less than ideal for delicate technology. Rugged industrial computers and touchscreen devices are water, shock, and dustproof due to its IT69K seal on its stainless steel casing.

This promises to protect computer hardware from extreme environments and temperatures. A 17” projected capacitive touchscreen device, for example, can be mounted onto equipment and control systems for easier use without worrying about damage.

Build Your Capacitive Touchscreen Device

In keeping up with British sensibility and aesthetics, the car industry remain in the top tier of the business. Investing in technology that can greatly advance this is one of the best ways to do so. With touchscreen panels, it can serve as an efficient and practical way to complete manufacturing processes without sacrificing quality.

With the car industry, it deserves technology that is only the best. Build your 17” projected capacitive touchscreen by contacting a local industrial computer provider.


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