22” Embedded Panel PCs for Customs Operations

The customs industry is responsible for the import and export of all local and foreign goods in the country. This entails a lot of logistical power, something that Panel PCs provide. These machines can be made to process data and make effective operations that would be otherwise tedious.

Having panel PCs will greatly affect the management of the customs bureau, as the technology continues to dominate the market regarding performance and durability.

Embedded Panel PC for customs industry services
Embedded Panel PCs contain faster and more durable processors that aid the customs business. © Pixabay


Why Panel PCs Outperform in Durability and Processing

Customs management officials impose tariffs or taxes on goods. This is to protect the country’s interests in these goods, as well as a means of income for the government to provide other services. This income is then used as funding for initiatives and programs that benefit the country, such as public schools and hospitals.

Panel PCs for efficient processes

Enabling panel computers to work on managing these goods means having a more efficient way to expedite the processes involved with the customs industry, such as keeping stock, calculating and generating payment of tariffs, and more. To keep on top of their inventory and tariffs, utilising a 22” panelcomputer will allow customs management officers to easily view their stocks, input, incoming and outgoing shipments, and more.

A 22” embedded panelcomputer also allows for customisation and hands-on management. Its fuss-free touch screen technology and easily upgraded hardware tools and processors can make it adaptable and suited to the harsh environment in the customs area such as stockrooms, shipping yards, and more. It can also be outfitted with pre-made or company-made software that enables easy management of resources. These PCs can also be mounted on walls or tables for better viewing.

Utilising Panel PC Technology

The durability and usage of goods depends on what kind it is. Panel computers will be able to expedite the transfer and storage of goods, due to its expendable hard drive and RAM capabilities that can calculate data faster. This includes separating perishable and non-perishable items, and luxury goods as well as raw materials.

Whilst allowing for larger storage and memory and faster data processing, it also allows for durability and sustainability due to its 22” projectedcapacitive touchscreen interface with an IT69K seal. As such, keeping track of large amounts of shipped and courier-delivered goods is something that embedded panel devices are suited at.

Customisable Processors

Processing several types of goods and calculating just how much tax and how it will be handled needs a lot of processing power.

Apart from its large, visual friendly 22” projected capacitive touch screen, it is customisable with a built-in Intel BayTrail-M/D 2.0GHz Quad Core processor that enables one to truly initialise information and analyse data to fit one’s industry.

Invest in Panel PC

Because of the role of the customs management industry on other important government and non-government organisations, it would be prudent to invest in technology that reflects its ability to adapt to different industries without sacrificing capacity or durability. So why not invest in an embedded panel device today?


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