S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen in the Food Processing Industries

Food processing industries use industrial computing devices to manage its operations. Without these devices, procedures would take hours to complete if done manually. Some of these procedures include on sorting & packaging of food products before delivery. But, using industrial PCs can streamline these procedures to ensure an efficient workflow.  

That’s why industrial computers are used in these food production plants to speed up its entire operations. At the same time, these devices can function for longer hours. And, it can still operate despite the demanding working conditions in the facility.

An example of an industrial PC that can function on these facilities is the S22 industrial panel PC. This device has specifications suitable for many processing applications in this industry. In fact, food industries can make use of this device to do inventory & automate its processes.

Another feature of this device is its projected capacitive touchscreen. Its multi-touch function feature allows any operator to use the device easily. This makes the processes efficient because commands can be done in a touch function.

But there is more to the S22 rugged computers than optimising this industry’s processes. For these industries, these devices can be used in different applications. Read further to know how this device can manage this industry’s production flow.

Food Processing Industries Use S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreens
Provide food processing industries with a durable, reliable S22 Panel PC. Projected capacitive touchscreen makes it easy to use.

How Can Food Industries Use S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

Food processing industries have stringent hygienic and processing standards. These are guidelines that food production plants follow to make quality food products. As such, an ordinary computer will not be able to support the production of the entire operations. Hence, industrial computers are used for these heavy workloads and strict procedures.

Given this, the S22 rugged computers can be fit to these industrial workloads. Its large screen size allows any operator to oversee the entire manufacturing processes. This device may also be mounted on a wall or panel for better use.

Furthermore, these industrial computers are easier to use when touchscreen technology is installed. These can be setup with two types of touchscreen: projected capacitive or resistive.

The most commonly used touchscreen feature is the resistive touchscreen. It functions by recognising a pressure point on the screen of the device. This is where operators will have to physically push or bend the screen for the device to work. The device can respond from the human touch or a stylus, too. Yet, this is not recommended in the operations since its touch sensors can wear off over time.

But, most industrial computing devices these days use capacitive touch enabled features. Projected capacitive touchscreen relies on conductive properties like that of a human body. So, when the operator's fingertips touch it, the charge on the screen are distorted on that point. This then signals the device to respond on that touch gesture like tap or swipe. It also have a multi-touch support which means any touch gesture can be done at the same time. In this way, operators can manipulate the applications on the device easier.

Both these touchscreens have their advantages. But, it is best to use panel PCs with projected capacitive feature on industrial purposes. This is because it is less liable to damage. This makes the S22 industrial computers with projected capacitance suitable for these operations.

Using the S22 Industrial PCs in the Food Manufacturing Plants

Food processing workload focuses on handling and packaging raw food products. These products will undergo many processes before getting ready for sale or distribution. And its surroundings must adhere to strict hygienic standards. So, to optimise these processes, a computer must be able to handle these workloads.

Having the S22 rugged computers installed in the facility will boost productivity. This device can serve as a control panel to oversee warehouse functions. It can keep track of inventory and production. And, using this device can help to keep operations organised and efficient.

Apart from that, its touchscreen features make this device easy to use. Operators can input data into the machines without difficulty. Also, its projected capacitive touchscreen is durable inside these manufacturing plants.

Moreover, this device has an Intel® Core™ processor to prevent delay in the operations. With a faster processor, food products distribution can be done timely. Thus, food engineers can track the output of their processes on time.

This is why the S22 rugged computer is recommended for these processing operations. Given the processes in this industry, it will be able meet industrial settings. And, when processes improve, food product quality will follow.

Upgrade the Operations with S22 Industrial Panel PCs

In sum, industrial computing devices are an important investment. For food manufacturing plants, these devices can keep track of inventory and resources. And, by using these devices, food engineers can streamline its processes effectively.

So, improve the food processing plants by using the S22 industrial panel PCs. In this way, operations can be made to bring out quality goods on time. With its usage, processes will become more efficient.


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