Make Use of S22 Embedded Panel PCs in the Food Processing Operations

Contamination and spoilage is what every food processing plant wants to avoid. This is why this industry has such stringent hygienic and processing standards. Their processes are kept clean and efficient following the UK food safety standards. Hence, any food product that is delayed could cause public health and safety concerns.

As a food manufacturing plant owner, there is a need to ensure that food safety standards are kept. Start by using an industrial computing devices that can keep up with the operations. With panel PCs, optimising the manufacturing operations in the plant can be achieved.

These industrial PCs have been used as control panels in many food processing plants. These devices have a large contribution in running efficient food production. So, what kind of device can be fit for these industries?

Here is the S22 industrial computer that can withstand high-pressure environments and temperatures. Apart from its suitability in the industry, it keeps the production operations efficient. This is powerful, durable and reliable enough to handle production processes.

Hence, these industrial computers would be an advantage to optimise the food processing operations. To assess this device’s usefulness in the food industries, let us discover on this blog more of its features.

Ensure efficiency in your food production operations with the S22 Panel PC device. These machines are durable and reliable for all your operational needs.
Ensure efficiency in your food production operations with the S22 Panel PC device. These machines are durable and reliable for all your operational needs.

Optimising the Food Processing Operations with S22 Embedded Panel PCs

Food security in Britain relies primarily on the availability of goods. Tinned food is inexpensive and convenient for the public to consume. These products can also be stored for longer than fresh food without spoilage.

There was a reported £2.4 billion in sales for tinned food in the UK. This amounts to 99.2% of the entire buying population. Given this fact, there will be an adverse effect on food products if there are delays in production. This could include its taste and quality for consumption.

This can happen when food manufacturing plant owners do not optimise its operations. Slower operations can mean a lag in the product delivery. And, delay in the delivery can affect the freshness and quality of the food products.

Hence, these plants must pick an industrial computing device to streamline its processes. Food industries need to upgrade its systems to ensure that operations will run on time.

This makes the S22 embedded panel PCs fit for food processing industries. These devices can help on improving the operations of a food production plant. And, any operator can ensure that its internal processes will run efficiently.

Those are some of the advantages of the S22 embedded industrial PC. Find out what other advantages come with this device further below.

S22 Embedded Industrial PCs for Food Production Factories

Integrating industrial computers plays a vital role in food processing plants. These machines allow faster and more efficient processes. With more supply, it makes for more convenient food options. Thus, this saves time and money. Demand must be able to meet supply.  

With the different options in the market, choose the S22 industrial computer. Take a look at what sets it apart from other computers. And, consider some of the benefits when using this device in food processing operations.

Operating System Compatibility

Most manufacturing plants utilise either Windows or Linux operating systems. The S22 industrial PCs allow these for system use as well. This makes it easy for operators to handle various applications. This also makes for easy integration into the existing systems and machinery.

Stability of Industrial Workstation

The S22 embedded computers can be installed into a custom-built workstation. These workstations are ergonomic in space making it accessible for operators.

Custom-built workstations adhere to the design of the plant itself. With that, these devices can be a great fit for production floor areas in the food processing plant.

Suitability to Plant Operations

Industrial operations in the food production factories face harsh surroundings. However, the S22 embedded computer can withstand these environments. Its NEMA-sealed, stainless-steel enclosure protects the internal hardware from damage. Hence, this device is protected against water, shock and dust.

Install the S22 Embedded Computers in the Food Industries

The fast pace of technology enables to improve the food production operations. Continuous improvement is the only way to truly advance food processing operations. Choose an industrial-grade computer with specifications that are an advantage to these processes.

Take note of the specifications that the processing plant needs. Make sure to choose the most reliable computing device. For the food processing industries, take advantage of the S22 industrial panel PCs.


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