Fuel Up S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for Ship Operations

British maritime sector contributes nearly £40 billion to the United Kingdom economy in 2017 [British Marine]. This contribution is also expected to improve as consumers demand fast and efficient shipping.

However, this growth in the sector also means that the shipping industry needs to enhance its operations. Cargo ships, in particular, must arrive at the intended destination on schedule. So, it is necessary for these sea vessels to be in good condition. Therefore, onboard engineers must utilise reliable computing devices when conducting routine maintenance.

Industrial computers with 17-inch projected capacitive touchscreen displays are one of the most recommended computing technology by IC experts. This device can be built with a secure and a stable version of the WindowsTM 7 Operating System. So, it maximises the device's compatibility with various ship maintenance-related software. Therefore, it will reduce the time needed to conduct routine ship maintenance.

However, with all the mechanism present in cargo ships, how can seafarers monitor specific sections of the ship’s machines? Learn more on this blog on how the S17 panel PCs with projected capacitive touchscreen technology can help manage cargo ship activities.

Utilising the S17 Embedded PC for Cargo Ship Activities

Utilising the S17 Embedded PC for Cargo Ship Machinery

Cargo ships transport goods to various ports worldwide. Since these sea vessels must comply with the rigorous schedule, these vessels must operate continuously to arrive on time. However, this also means that its machinery should be carefully monitored to ensure that these vessels are in good running condition.

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Fortunately, there is an advanced computing device that can help manage cargo ship machinery for monitoring operations. The 17” industrial-grade touchscreen PC comes with the Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM 2.30Ghz motherboard processor. This type of processor allows the device to analyse multiple data entries quickly. So, expect that the cargo ship’s machinery will be monitored accurately for extended periods of time.

Now, can this device have the capability to provide reliability and long-term availability? Note that cargo shipping activities also bears harsh working environments. Find out more about the specific benefits of installing the S17 industrial PC in cargo ships.

Embedding the S17 Rugged Panel PC in Cargo Ships

Working conditions in cargo ships often involve extended operating hours, moist environments, and varying temperature ranges. So, this environment also presents a possibility for system errors to occur. That is why industrial-grade computers are the best bet for this application.

Here are some essential functions of the 17-inch ruggedised computers which can streamline cargo ship operations.

Consistent Performance in All Weather Conditions

Every machinery in the cargo ship needs to be working at an optimal state despite the rough weather conditions.

However, S17 panel PCs can have industrial-grade components that can function well even at high temperatures due to consistent usage. Its stainless-steel casing and NEMA 4 sealing prevent water, dirt, and oil, from damaging the internal parts. So, rest assured that this device can provide consistent performance in all-weather conditions.

Efficiently Monitor and Log Cargo Ship Activities

Modern cargo ships often have a computer-integrated planned maintenance system [PMS]. This system generates a list of machines due for routine maintenance. Crew members can leave comments and suggestions on the program.

However, this computing equipment is built with an Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM 2.30Ghz motherboard processor and supports Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology. This feature enables a high computing performance and data processing. This will allow the succeeding crew members to access the real-time information or details regarding the status of specific part of the ship using the device.

Plot the Ship’s Course Using a Real-Time Map

The changing weather patterns and unexpected storms can delay operations. Now, utilising the 17" industrial-grade PC's IEEE security compliant Wi-Fi capabilities can download and display a real-time map. Ship navigators can use the latest weather pattern information and plot in the most efficient course for the cargo ship. Thus, ensuring that the vessel will arrive at the destination within schedule.

Fast-track Cargo Ship Operations Using the S17 Panel PC

Increasing global demand for fast and efficient shipping places pressure on cargo shipping to meet the departure and arrival schedule. However, any damage to the vessel's machinery could also cause a costly delay.

Using reliable computing devices such as the 17-inch industrial panel PC with projected capacitance will help minimise the ship's maintenance time. Engineers can also immediately look up the and fix areas which require quick tune-ups. Therefore, these cargo ships can leave the port promptly.

Contact a trusted industrial computer expert today and start enhancing cargo ship operations.


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