Forecasts for Touchscreen Technology: The Future of Industrial PC

Touchscreen technology has brought very many changes with it, particularly in the interaction between consumers and devices. It is expected that as demand increases and people find more applications for touch displays, new trends will come up. From the use of smartphones in the current environment, it is evident that there is an affinity for touch screens, and that is an element that will persist into the future. There is still infinite potential to explore when it comes to the interactivity of consumers with devices. Touch technology will move from phone to items at home such as tabletops, refrigerators, even kitchen countertops.

New Markets

As the application for touchscreen technology increases, new markets will open up and there will be new product categories. Advances in various technologies will trigger a wave of cost-effective products that will not only favour the consumer but manufacturers as well due to reduced costs of production. For instance, the development of projected capacitive touchscreens has led to the decrease in its costs, making it possible to incorporate the technology into numerous devices.


Besides communication and home, touchscreen technology will make a great impact in the education sector. Integration of touch in devices will improve the way people engage, learn and access useful materials. With the use of multi-touch sensors, students will be able to use one screen to participate in classes.


Touch screens will also revolutionise the retail industry. As a matter of fact, it is already happening. Currently, customers can use apps and mobile sites to shop when they want. In the not so far away future, it will be possible to make a purchase simply by touching the item of interest.

Smartphones are the biggest beneficiaries of touchscreen technology, but that will change as the range of devices expands. Nowadays the options for touchscreen materials are growing, meaning that manufacturers will have more surfaces to work with.


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