Suitability of Embedded Touchscreen Computers for Tough Applications

A home and industrial computer essentially perform similar functions, but the difference lies in the components. Traditional PCs do not have the strength to survive industrials setting with all the tough conditions present. The design of an industrial computer is such that components can endure extreme temperatures, dust, dirt, moisture and exposure to chemicals. Industrial PCs are ruggedised to provide a durable device with superior performance. These machines also have embedded systems that run dedicated functions that depend on specific applications.

Popularity of Industrial Touch

As various sectors embrace the use of computers on factory floors and other industrial settings, touchscreen technology has continued to gain popularity as well. Touchscreen displays provide an advantage for industrial workers because they negate the need to use peripherals such as pointing devices and keyboards. They also make it easy to control computer functions with gloved hands, which is unavoidable in certain environments such as chemical plants.

Industrial LCDs

One display method used in an embedded touchscreen computer is LCD. An LCD panel installed in an industrial PC requires construction that caters to harsh environments. For one, the contrast and brightness must be good enough to provide readability in areas with ambient light. It is also essential for an LCD to pass vibration testing, particularly if it is a portable device, has to be used near heavy machinery or when it is to ride in a commercial transport vehicle. 

The Finish

Another design component in an embedded touchscreen computer is the finish. Stainless steel is a good material choice because it is robust and resistant to corrosion and rust, making it perfect for PCs used in wash down areas.

Selecting a Touch PC

When picking an embedded touchscreen computer, consider the operations that a particular application demands because they will determine the right power, performance levels and software/hardware requirements. For example, the industrial PC you would get for a wash down area is not the same one you would choose for a point of sale terminal. 


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