Textile Distribution Usage on 12.1” Rugged Panel PC

Industrial computers may not be available on few industries where advancement requires it. As such, there is a need for panel PC technologies on textile manufacturing today.

The UK textile remains to be one of the most renowned countries in producing textile quality in the world. Hence, textile manufacturers need advanced devices on the operations to maintain product quality. Whether in its creation or distribution, computing technology can boost operations management.

Aiming to make operations management efficient? Finding a solution to help quality control more refined? Why not equip the textile manufacturing with panel computing devices to achieve these?

Panel PC usage for textile distribution and packaging
Textile factories need distributors that can utilise operations effectively, and invest in the proper technology to do so.

Choosing Industrial Grade PCs for Textile Distribution

Selecting the appropriate Panel PC technology will be a boost to any operation. With an increasing demand for efficiency in logistics, its selection will create a lasting impact on these procedures.

Know its importance. Search for the best. Consider the product specifications. Decide today. Our 12.1 rugged panel PC can help your textile processes easy and efficient.

Below is a checklist of this product specifications for you to review.

Product Checklist

  • ·         Hardware: Our industrial grade computers are powered by an Intel Bay Trail M/D with a 2.0 GHz motherboard processor, to ensure fast and efficient processes on programs and software.
  • ·         Protective Casing: Stainless steel panels and IP69K seal keep it from being damaged by water, dust, or shock. Suitable for environments that are less than ideal for technology, and ensures that operations will run without delay.
  • ·         Security Features: Watchdog Timers enable security features and denotes processes and logins run by the system, ensuring the safety and security of each operator’s roles in the distribution process.
  • ·         Operating Systems: May be Windows, Linux, or one built for a specific industry’s use. Certain industries or plants may utilise an OS or software that is for use exclusively by the operators.
  • ·         Screen Size: Its 12.1” screen makes it the ideal size for handling logistics and operations processes.
  • ·         Return of Investment: Costs can be made variable depending on the kind of technology one wants in their Panel PC, and can be custom-built to one’s exact specifications.
  • ·         Ease of Use: Case, bezel, and VESA mounts available.
  • ·         Warranty: Most Panel PCs are given 1-2 years on warranty, but the quality of 17” can last from 3-5 years.

Now, does it not suit to your textile operations?

12.1” Rugged Panel PCs for Textile Distribution

In the logistics of textile distribution, there are many things to consider. Make production quota in time. Ensure efficiency standards and processes. Support and maintenance procedures are intact. These are some of the things that operators and administrators alike have to think about.

With a 12” rugged industrial computer, you cannot go wrong. Combined with high-powered processors and safety enclosures, you can ensure good work process.

Choose 12.1” Industrial Computers for Textile Distribution

Distribution plays a critical role in the UK textile business as a whole. To maintain this status, it requires a technology that meets these standards of precision.

Start by utilising a panel computing technology to make the operations efficient.


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