Vegetable Distribution Usage of 12.1” Rugged Industrial Computers

Vegetable distribution today requires a powerful technology that can bolster its operations management. In fact, this industry is an important factor in sustaining public health. It delivers fresh vegetable products to the masses. Hence, it is important to safeguard this industry’s growth. With the advancement of technology, industrial computers can help for its distribution.

Local and national investments are dependent into the agriculture industry. Indeed, you can tell that the UK agricultureindustry is lucrative. The UK leads to be the producer of cereals, pulses, fruits, root vegetables, and forage crops. This includes wheat, barley, oats, peas, cabbages, apples, and pears. But, these products have a limited shelf life.

To solve this, quick packaging and distribution is ideal to maintain optimum freshness. Agricultural manufacturers must invest in advanced technology that can maintain product quality. Whether in its creation or distribution, computing technology can boost operations management.

Vegetable Distribution Upgrades Its Operations Using Industrial Computers

Specifications of Industrial Computers for Vegetable Distribution

It is important to select the appropriate industrial computer specifications for vegetable distribution. Choose a panel PC to suit on your operations management. This includes organising and segregating fresh produce, to name a few. And so as the industry grows, the technology should be able to improve when needed.

Improving technology means upgrading and customising when needed.  You can customise the 12.1” industrial computers according to the food industry’s systems. For vegetable distribution, select the panel PC that is suitable on the operations. Below is a checklist of this product specifications for you to review.

Product Checklist

  • ·         Hardware: Our industrial grade computers are powered by an Intel Bay Trail M/D with a 2.0 GHz motherboard processor. This ensures fast and efficient processes on programs and software.
  • ·         Protective Casing: Stainless steel panels and IP69K seal keep it from elements such as water, dust, or shock. Suitable for extreme working or harsh environments. You can ensure that your industry operations will run without delay.
  • ·         Security Features: Watchdog Timers enable security features and denotes processes and logins. It ensures the safety and security of each operator’s roles in the distribution process.
  • ·         Operating Systems: It can run through Windows, Linux, or a built-in system for a specific industry’s use. Industries or plants may utilise an OS or software that is for exclusive use by the operators.
  • ·         Screen Size: Its 12.1” screen makes it ideal for handling logistics and operations processes.
  • ·         Return of Investment: Costs can vary depending on the panel PC technology to suit in their industry systems. The S12 panel devices can be custom-built according to your exact specifications.
  • ·         Ease of Use: Case, bezel, and VESA mounts are available.
  • ·         Warranty: Other panel PC manufacturers provide you with 1-2 years on warranty. The 12.1” industrial PCs have a standard 3 year warranty. You also have to option to extend its warrant with us up to 5 years or more.

Looking at the specifications above, is it fit for your vegetable distribution operations?

Choose the S12 Rugged Panel PCs for the Vegetable Distribution

Integrating the S12 industrial computer in your logistics can help the vegetable distribution. You can ensure an efficient operations management and timely distribution of goods. Enabling this computing technology deliver good prospects on your operations. With that, vegetable distributors and administrators have to keep these in mind.

So, improve your distribution and operations with a custom-built 12.1” industrial PC. Combine this technology with high powered specifications and safety measures. You can always ensure of a high quality distribution process with industrial-grade computers. With the S12 panel PC, you can customise it as the right computing system to help on the industry functions.


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