17” Capacitive Touch Panel PCs for the Organic Food Processing

Using touchscreen panel PCs is an advantage in the food processing industry. Its ability to boost operational management makes production time faster. This is a concern as food products tend to go to waste quickly. With organic food processing, this is even more of an issue.

But only when buying organic food, consumers will be free from genetically modified organisms (GMO). As such, this makes the food less susceptible to allergens found in the human body. A lot of these can be found in health food stores and farmer’s markets. Since it has no preservative content, the organic food may rot faster than usual during shipment.  

With the need for faster processing times, the S17 touch panel PC is the best fit for processing organic food. Its sophisticated capabilities and durability make it fit for the industry. Its stainless steel enclosure keeps the machine safe from harsh elements. All these features are what makes our embedded panel computers the top choice.

Utilising S17 Industrial Computers on the Organic Food Processes

The demand for organic food has gone up in recent years. This is due to a growing need to address the health and diet concerns. Organic food lacks genetically modified organisms or GMO’s, additives, irritants, and preservatives. This makes it ideal for those with wide-ranging food allergies. But, as mentioned, this also makes it prone to spoiling.

To avoid spoilage, the food needs to be packaged quickly to preserve its freshness. Because this means less time on the floor, its processing time must be done in an efficient manner. With 17” industrial PCs, these demands can be met.

Features of 17” Industrial PC

The S17 industrial PCs can help on the operations of processing the food products. Its wide-ranging capabilities make it suitable for optimising any processing plants operations. At the same time, it can also be used to handle the demand for shipping and distribution.

Browse below to view exactly what features to look for in an S17 embedded panel computer.

17” Embedded Panel Computers

  •           An Intel® Bay Trail M/D with a 2.0 GHz motherboard processor powers the S17 panel computing device.
  •           This water, damage, and shock-resistant device is proven to withstand external elements. This device has its stainless steel panels certified with an IP69K+ seal.
  •           The built-in Watchdog Timer security feature takes note of processes and log-ins to the system.
  •            Any operating system, such as Windows and Linux, may be outfitted to the device.
  •           Its 17” screen with a projected touchscreen feature makes it more hands-on.

Although most of our PCs have a standard 3-year warranty, certain repairs may have a fee. Take note that a diagnostic fee is applied for all non-warranty repairs. This can also depend on the number of repairs that the device needs.

Advanced specifications. Stainless steel enclosures. Suitability to harsh environments. These features make the S17 Panel fit for organic food processing scheme.

Get the Best for Organic Food Produce with Industrial Panel Computers

Panel PCs help in delivering goods at a faster pace than other industrial computers. These devices are helpful on speeding up production for organic food.

Hence, an advanced PC can provide the features you need to optimise your production. This makes the S17 industrial PC ideal on the operations of an organic food processing plant.

Superb performance. Steel-enforced durability. Substance. Get all these and more with the 17” touch panel PC.


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