Why the Aviation Sector Go for S17 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC

When shipping goods, we perceive of having these goods flown only through airline companies. Or, it may be delivered by other types of delivery services. Given this, improving efficiency in the aviation operations means ensuring punctual delivery times.

To improve delivery through airline services, panel PCs with a projected capacitance feature can be of great help. With projected capacitive touchscreen PCs, efficiency in the operations management will be achieved. In turn, this can lead to a faster production and delivery time as compared to before.

But which features make it suitable for the airline transport companies? For instance, you can have efficient operations with the help of the S17 touchscreen PC.

Read further as you get to know why you should invest on these advanced computing devices.

How 17” Touch Panel PCs Improve Efficiency of the Airline Operations

How 17” Touch Panel PCs Improve Efficiency of the Airline Operations

In transporting goods, a courier, haulier or freight forwarder keep these goods free from breakage. Faster delivery times and efficient handling are the key for a successful shipment. This is especially true when done through air travel.

As with the aviation operations, the effectiveness of our S17 touch panel PCs has proven its use. Its hardware can withstand even to the conditions for air travel. This is also suitable for any operating system that any airline company utilises.

Boost Efficiency with S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreens

Faster delivery time will not matter if products arrive with damages. This is why our S17 touchscreen PCs ensure fast and efficient operations management.

This advanced PC can organise the airline operations on the shipment of goods. In addition, it has a projected capacitive touchscreen feature to make operations hands-on. This makes the S17 industrial PC suitable for any industrial and distribution capacity.

What are you waiting for? You can review other features of the 17” touchscreen devices found below.  

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

Its projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen feature is an advantage amongst other industrial computers. This provides for a more hands-on experience in manipulating our S17 device. This is truly an advantage to airline operations and transport.

S17 Industrial PC Durability

Our S17 touchscreen PCs are built with stainless-steel enclosures. This keeps its hardware safe from water, shock, and dust. This also comes with a NEMA-sealed and IP69K+ rating for industrial operations.

Information and Data Acquisition

Industrial computers are often used for data acquisition and intelligence. Unexpected power resets and computer malfunctions can delete your data. But, with our Watchdog Timer, your data and information will be safe. This ensures log-ins and passwords will not be deleted from the device.

Aviation Transport Operations Management

The efficiency of our custom-built touchscreen device makes it suitable for operations management. Its industrial applications make it run faster than the average personal computer. This ensures a well-handled product management.

Product Warranty and Repairs

A three-year warranty comes with all our industrial computer and other devices. A fee will be imposed for repairs that do not fall under our servicerequests. Other repairs may include any part or component that needs to be sourced out or replaced. You may also opt to extend the warranty period for up to two more years.

Boost Transport and Aviation Operations with 17” Industrial PC

The demands of shipping goods and airline transport are ever-changing. Product quality and appearance should be maintained.

So, investing in advanced PCs that can improve this will give you an advantage. Let our S17 industrial PCs prove to be that advantage. Install the S17 panel PC today for all your operational management needs.


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