Why Install the S22 Industrial Computers for Outdoor Wayfinding Kiosks

Wayfinding kiosks are quickly becoming an integral navigation tool for customers unfamiliar with the area. It displays live data on the screen enabling customers to easily access the intended data. For example, tourists arriving in a foreign country utilise these kiosks. By using these kiosks, they can find their way around and the famous locations the area.

In fact, some hotels and conference centres use these kiosks for their guests and clients. These not only help their clients find the directions, but these also show them the schedule for meeting and agenda.

There are now a number of vendors offering advanced interactive kiosks for wayfinding needs at competitive rates due to the demand. But, how can one determine which qualities meet the demand of an outdoor kiosk? Learn from this blog the features that industrial computers possess which make it ideal for these kiosks.

Installing the S22 Industrial Computer on Wayfinding Kiosks
Looking to integrate an outdoor wayfinding kiosk? Learn the key features of S22 industrial computers and why it’s ideal for outdoor wayfinding kiosks.

Integrate the S22 Industrial Computer for Wayfinding Kiosks

Wayfinding kiosks are becoming an increasingly common sight in public locations with high traffic such as parks, airports and terminals. These devices help the customer navigate through unfamiliar areas. The computing devices located outdoors experience harsh climatic conditions.

The S22 industrial panel PCs are built to withstand these conditions whilst operating optimally. Its vital components are protected by high-quality stainless steel. This ensures that the device will have a reduced occurrence of system failures due to damaged parts.

In addition, there are several key features that these rugged computers have which makes it ideal to install in outdoor areas with high traffic.

Key Features of the S22 Rugged Industrial Computers

Industrial computing devices have the key features that allow these kiosks to function in demanding environments. Listed below are key features that make the S22 rugged computers to be used on these kiosks.

Interactive and User-Friendly Interface

Customers are able to utilise the kiosk through its user- friendly interface. The information can easily be accessed through the display icons.

Ease of Updating to Promote Local Events

These kiosks are connected directly to the system mainframe. Operators are able to promote local events or update existing information to help the customer who is unfamiliar with the location.

Tourists, in particular, benefit from this feature as it can help guide them to interesting local locations and featured events. This can boost the visibility of locally run business and improve the local economy.

A Platform Compatible with a Wide Array of Programs

The windows operating system is compatible with a wide array of computer programs and has a secure network. Programs such as SiteKiosk Windows allows the operator to fully lock down the device, preventing unauthorized users from making any unnecessary configuration changes.

Integrate the S22 Rugged Computers for Wayfinding Kiosks Today

Today, advanced kiosks allow customers to navigate through unfamiliar locations, find their intended destinations and look up information related to the area. In addition, the device can be used to promote local events, highlight local specialities and disseminate useful information to the public.

Look for a specialist today and ask them how to integrate the S22 rugged industrial computers for these kiosks.


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