Why Use Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for E-Commerce Kiosks

An increasing number of customers are looking to e-commerce kiosks to gather product information and purchase their goods. There are retail stores in the United Kingdom already integrating the technology. These kiosks allow customers to browse their entire product line, place orders and pay for goods via credit card.

So, how can these kiosks operate and provide services to the customer? Basically, these kiosks are built with a reliable system processor that ensure certain applications are performed optimally. The other parts of the system are designed to fit any type of working environments. It bears industrial-grade components that can withstand both tough applications and harsh conditions.

That is why industrial computers are used in building kiosk for retail stores. This ensures that any update on product pricing and innovations can be handled on this device. As a result, the demands of customers are met and they can learn about their target goods easily.

Moreover, industrial PCs feature a touchscreen technology with projected capacitance. This allows the device to function in moist areas such as air-conditioned stores.

Now, how can this device be utilised for e-commerce kiosks? Learn from this blog several reasons why it is ideal to use industrial computers with a projected capacitive touchscreen in these kiosks.

Installing E-Commerce Kiosks with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs
Looking to boost customers with e-commerce kiosks? Learn why industrial PCs with projected capacitive touchscreens are best for the job.

Installing E-Commerce Kiosks with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

Hundreds of customers enter the store and utilise different self-service kiosks for their needs. Other touchscreen monitors might not be able to handle the constant use which causes the screen to break. As a result, both customers and staff may not be able to use it.

But, touch-enabled industrial computers are durable and scratch resistant. And, industrial computing devices can have the highest protection available for a device. It bears an IP rating of IP69K and high NEMA sealing.

Hence, it is ideal to utilise this computing technology in areas where there is high consumer traffic such as inside the retail stores. In addition to its durability, there are other good reasons to use projected capacitive touchscreen PCs for e-commerce kiosks.

Using Industrial Panel PCs with Projected Capacitance for Kiosks

Increasingly, retailers are introducing self-service kiosks that make it easier for customers to obtain the items they want. Utilising industrial panel PCs with projected capacitance can ensure that the kiosks will function properly. Here are some of its benefits when used on e-commerce kiosks.

Store Staff Can Answer Customer Queries Faster

Touchscreen computers provide a user-friendly interface. This makes it easier for customers unfamiliar with the applications installed on the kiosk. They can simply press the desired feature through an on-screen icon. This will help them navigate through the store.

Not only customers can utilise these kiosks, but store staff also use these kiosks to find out information on a specific product or a service. Ground crew members of the company can easily access the database should a customer have enquiries on a product.

Resistant to Water, Dirt, and Scum

Retail stores can have moist environments due to the air-conditioning and cold climate. Dirt from the outside is can be brought in by customers, suppliers, staff members and sometimes, the wind. These factors might inhibit the device from detecting inputs. Hence, reducing its functionality and possibly customer satisfaction.

But, industrial panel PCs can function optimally regardless of those external conditions. This makes it ideal to use in dusty areas and locations with high-temperature variations.

Minimal Maintenance Required

E-commerce kiosks are constantly used by customers and store staffs. The high demand and consistent use could cause the computers systems to fail.

Using industrial panel PCs will assure that it can function for an extended period of time. This is because the industrial PC has a dedicated system and high IP rating.

Also, its computing system uses all available resource to utilise the installed programs. And, with its internal components well-protected, the chance of system failure is significantly reduced.

Build Kiosks with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

There is a shift going on in today’s retail market. More customers are now utilising self-service kiosks for their transactions.

Stores need to be competitive and apply these computing technologies if the business is to thrive. So utilise an industrial computer with projected capacitance to help the store grow.


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