Improving Military Vehicle Rescue Abilities Using Advanced Panel PCs

Search and rescue operations are one of the functions of a military vehicle. In fact, the local government of Miami, Florida in the United States issued a military truck to assist the victims a tropical storm last September 2017 (Military Vehicle To Rescue Irma Victims). Rescuers in the truck use the vehicle-mounted computers to navigate through the terrain.

Indeed, communication is an integral part of a successful rescue operation. And, by utilising reliable computing devices with Wi-Fi capabilities, it enables the rescuers to better coordinate with one another.

So, learn on this blog how installing industrial-grade panel PCs in military vehicles can improve rescue operations.

Why Install Industrial Panel Computers in Military Rescue Vehicles

Often, target areas for rescue operations have varying temperature and moisture conditions. Regardless of these environmental factors, communication devices must function optimally. Hence, installing industrial-grade panel computing system is an ideal computing solution for these operations.

These machines are built with a tough stainless-steel construction frame with NEMA sealing. Thus, it prevents water, dirt and mud from damaging its internal parts. Its wide temperature range and industrial-grade components ensure functionality in extreme working conditions. Therefore, it provides reliability and versatility in rescue operations.

There are other features of the industrial panel PCs which makes it ideal for rescue operations in both urban and remote locations.

Integrating Ruggedised Panel PCs to Military Rescue Vehicles

Search and rescue missions have complex operations that require swift action and precise coordination. Hence, it is essential for the rescuers to coordinate with one another by using a reliable computer.

So, here are some of the features of military-grade computers that are used for rescue missions.

Improved Device Performance

An industrial PC can have the Intel-based chipset built into the system. This chipset supports the Intel Virtualization Technology which improves the device’s virtual performance. So, operators are able to send and receive updates efficiently.

Download the Latest Map Data

Emergency situations occur in unexpected instances and in unexpected locations. But, there are industrial panel devices built with Wi-Fi capabilities. This enables the rescuers to download updated maps of the area. So, it allows the rescuers to navigate unfamiliar environments.

Secured Wall Mounting

Most ruggedised panel computers are VESA mount complaint. This interface allows the device to be on mounted on walls or other vertical surfaces. It also secures the computing device in place regardless of the terrain in which vehicle is traversing.

Bright Screens and Clear Display

These ruggedised panel computing devices are built with high resolutions screens. These screens display clear and highly detailed images.

Additionally, these devices are built with high bright screens. This ensures that operators can see the information on screen even in bright environments.

Embed Industrial Panel PCs in Military Rescue Vehicles

Nowadays, military vehicle operators utilise computing devices to coordinate with other rescuers during emergency situations. Devices, such as industrial panel PCs, allow vehicle drivers to navigate unfamiliar terrain. Thus, they are able to reach the rescue targets as soon as possible.

Military vehicle operators may contact industrial computer experts today and integrate industrial panel PCs for the rescue vehicle.


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