Fast-Tracking Steel Plant Operations Using the S17 Industrial Computer

This year was a symbolic moment for the UK steel sector as it continues to maintain its stability. Although this industry represents only 0.1 percent of the UK economic output, steel manufacturers foresee a positive outlook by 2019 [Financial Times].

But, along with its recent growth in demands, the steel industry must learn to adapt to the latest advancements in technology. This is especially true in terms of improving and speeding up its steel manufacturing processes. What’s more, steel manufacturers must consider precision and quality when choosing the right equipment for steel operations.

One of the most recommended computing solutions is installing industrial-grade PCs to steel processes. For example, using an S17 industrial computer can help monitor its efficiency and productivity. This Intel-based operating system has the capability to gather, store, analyse and transmit data from one server to another. Therefore, expect that steel products manufactured are of high-quality.

Now, steel plants are also surrounded with different components that may potentially damage a system. Can the 17” industrial panel PC withstand its extreme working environment? This blog will help you determine the top reasons why choosing the S17 rugged PCs is a must-have technology for steel factories.

How the S17 Panel PCs Can Optimise Steel Manufacturing Processes

How the S17 Panel PCs Can Optimise Steel Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing high-quality steel products require a reliable application. Amongst the most popular choices is the computer integrated manufacturing system or simply known as the automated system.

However, an automated software can only be installed in an advanced computing system. That way, such application can be utilised and provide productive results as well.

So, this makes it ideal for the 17” industrial-grade computers to be embedded in steel operations. With its IP69K rating and NEMA4 sealing, all internal parts of this device are well-protected from heat, dust, and dirt. Rest assured that this device can suffice the computing needs in steel factories.

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Increasing the Precision and Productivity of S17 Industrial PC

What type of computing device can withstand extreme heat temperature in steel factories? What should be the key features needed for computer-aided programs in steel operations?

Here are some of the best qualities of S17 panel mount computers that can be optimised in manufacturing steel products.

Extended Operating Temperature up to 50°C

It is undeniable that steel plants bear an extreme working environment. Therefore, there is the presence of heat and humidity.

But, this 17-inch panel PC is built with components that can extend its operating temperature up to 50°C. So, it can still perform its functions well even at its extreme working condition.

Shock and Vibration Proof System

Besides heat and humidity, all equipment used in steel factories are also exposed to shock and vibration. Thus, there is a huge possibility that a computing device may experience a system failure.

However, this embedded computing system has a shock and vibration proof system. Its NEMA4 enclosures provide the highest protection available for a device. This means that the internal parts are protected against potential risks including shock and vibration. Expect that this equipment can be utilised efficiently even with the presence of this risks.

Wall/Desk/Pedestal Mounting Capabilities

Of course, steel plants have a fast-paced environment. Every operation should simultaneously be performed to manage quality and its quantity. Hence, it requires a non-obstructive workspace.

Now, this computing device is 75mm VESA-mount compliant. It can be mounted on wall, desk or pedestals ensuring that it does not consume too much space. So, the S17 ruggedised computers have space-saving capabilities as well.

Take Advantage of 17” Panel PCs to Speed Up Steel Operations 

Steel manufacturing is an industry existed even centuries ago. Yet, it continues to develop its manufacturing processes to adapt to the latest trends in the industry. Amongst its challenging factors is maintaining its precision and quality using advanced applications.

But, installing a 17” industrial-grade PCs can help speed up its steel operations because of its innumerable capabilities. Talk to an industrial PC manufacturer today for more details of the product.


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