Airport Ground Operations Using Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC

Every year, passenger traffic in Britain’s airports grow at a steady rate. In fact, the London Heathrow Airport shuttled over 6.3 million passengers in December 2017 [Independent UK]. But, experts predict that this figure will increase in 2018. Therefore, such kind of activities should be given attention by the airport ground operations.

Airport grounds operations include handling passenger procedures, cargo transfer and aircraft inspection. Thus, crew members should coordinate properly to avoid any delays in airport ground operations. So, they need to utilise reliable computing system that can be integrated to its communication devices.

Amongst the most recommended computing equipment is the industrial computing system. It bears a compatible system processor that is ideal for industrial applications including airport grounds communication system.

This computing device also features are projected capacitive touchscreen technology. This feature is known to have better touch functionality. Operators can easily navigate the device by touching the on-screen icons. Therefore, it provides an ease of use to operators. But, expect that this device can perform its functions efficiently.

So, how can this device help in improving airport grounds operations? Learn on this blog why using projected capacitive touchscreen PCs can help optimise airport ground crew communication and operations.

PCs with Projected Capacitive Touchscreens for Airport Operations

Panel PCs with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen for Airport Operations

Growing passenger traffic means airport ground operators need to work efficiently to prevent delayed flights. They utilise communication devices to transmit real-time information. These devices should have the capability to withstand extreme working conditions. This includes frequent use of the device and extended operating hours. To this end, touchscreen PCs with projected capacitance are an ideal computing solution.

Industrial-grade PCs are computing devices that are ideal for harsh working environments. Most screens have the highest degree of protection available for a device, making it resistant to scratches. This means that this screen can function well regardless of environmental temperatures.

So, what other features do projected capacitive touchscreen computers have that are useful for airport ground operations? Let us explore some of the strengths and capabilities of this device.

Why Embed Panel PCs with Projected Capacitance to Airport Operations

Airport ground crew must work efficiently to reduce aeroplane turnaround times. By utilising ruggedised projected capacitive PCs, they can communicate better with other personnel and further improve work efficiency.

Here are some of the capabilities rugged computers. That can be utilised in airport operations.

Faster Data Analysis

Now, some PCs with projected capacitive touchscreens are built with large virtual memory. This means that the device can analyse and retrieve data quickly.

Aircraft inspectors may be able to quickly browse previous aircraft records. They can quickly ascertain if any of the onboard equipment need to be repaired or recalibrated. And thus, they can determine quickly if the plane is ready for travel.

Low Energy Consumption

Some projected capacitive touch display PCs deliver fast computing capabilities but are also, energy efficient. In fact, there are computing devices that can consume up to 35 Watts per hour despite heavy usage. Hence, it helps in reducing the overall energy costs.

Connect to the Internet on Wi-Fi

Should issues arise, aeroplane inspectors may quickly contact airport officials through device’s secure Wi-Fi connection. Airport officials can then provide detailed instructions to inspectors, pilots and air traffic controllers on the correct action to take in real time.

Install Touchscreen PCs with Projected Capacitance in Airports

Airport ground handling operators are optimising their efficiency to meet the increasing number of airport passenger traffic. And, as part of the solution to streamline this operation is the installing advanced PCs with projected capacitive touchscreen technology.

Optimise airport ground handling operations today. Contact a trusted industrial computer manufacturer and start building industrial panel PCs.


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