Automate Steel Production with the 22” Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PC

Single Belt Metal Casting Embedded in S22 Touchscreen Panel PC

  • Modern steel production is an industry which requires efficient manufacturing techniques to meet global demands. 
  • Automating the metal production process requires a reliable industrial-grade computer to maintain precision and accuracy. 
  • This 22” panel PC has the key specifications required to ensure quality and productivity at the same time.  

Steel production is an industry that continues to through the use of new techniques and technologies. In fact, Salzgitter AG, one of the largest steelmakers in Europe, opened the first commercial horizontal single belt caster at Peine, Germany in 2012 [The Economist]. Its new metal casting technique in steel production makes it easier to manufacture high-value metals. 

But, as with any automated process, a compatible computing equipment must be used to accurately monitor the system. So, what sort of device is ideal for steel manufacturing?

Amongst the most recommended device for this application is the 22” projected capacitive touchscreen PC. This device has a tough, bezel enclosure with an internal heater and external waterproof fan. These features allow the device to operate in temperatures between -30oC to 50oC. Thus, it can function efficiently over a wide temperature range. 

So, how can this device be optimised in steel factories? Find out more on this blog and learn why the S22 embedded panel PCs work best in automated steel manufacturing. 

Single Belt Metal Casting Embedded in S22 Touchscreen Panel PC 

Single belt metal casting is one of the most revolutionary breakthroughs in steel production. This process makes use of reliable computing devices to accurately determine the product's chemical properties whilst monitoring the belt strip's surface quality. So, the software used for this application consumes a large amount of virtual resource. 

Good news isour 22-inch industrial computer comes with an Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM 2.30 GHz processor. This processor can analyse the large volumes of data involved in this operation. And at the same time, the stored data is also protected from potential software interference. 

Moreoverits integrated Intel® Trusted Execution Technology is supported with a versatile set of hardware extension to Intel® chipsets and processors. So, it enhances the digital office platform with additional security capabilities. Thus, operators can expect that the large quantities of data are protected throughout the process. 

Employing S22 IndustriaPC for Optimised Steel Production 

The Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, in Peine, Germany, was the first steel casting plant which focuses on using the Belt Casting Technology®. Every day, this factory needs to produce hundreds of steel products ranging from cold-rolled metals to hot-dipped galvanized steel materials. 

So, how do this steel factory operators meet the high production quota? 


Steel factory operations process raw materials, which require the precise measurements, to produce the needed metal. So, operators must find the balance between producing consistent and high-quality metal products and meet their client’s demand. 


To accurately track the product quality and meet the daily quota, single belt-casting operators use an industrial-grade computer.  

Just like our S22 industrial panel PCs, it can be built with 16 gigabytes of RAM. So, it enables the machine to operate the steel processing software efficiently. Ithigh memory bandwidth also allows the processor to analyse data at a rate of up to 25.6 GB/s.  

1920 x 1080 screen resolution can clearly display the information, which makes it easier for operators to determine critical issuesFinally, an IP69K and NEMA 4 rugged metal construction can also protect the internal components, ensuring that there is no hindrance in steel production. 


Addressing the market demand for high quality metal products is indeed a daunting task. But, by using the 22" industrial PC with projected capacitive touchscreen technology, steel factories can effectively meet the production quota.  

Furthermore, its WindowsTM 10 IoT® Enterprise operating system maximises its compatibility with the latest single belt casting software. This provides an optimised and efficient platform where steel factories can rely on. 

Maximise Steel Production by Using the 22” Touchscreen PC 

As what the Germany-based, Salzgitter AG Company demonstrated, automating the metal production process is the future of steel manufacturing. So, by integrating advanced PCs to oversee the process can further optimise the current metal production system.  

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