Build Self-Service Kiosks Using the S22 Panel PC in Fast Food Chains

  • The popularity of self-service kiosks usage in the fast-food industry entails quick-service restaurants to have a reliable computing system embedded in these kiosks.
  • Installing a 22-inch industrial PC in self-service kiosks streamlines fast-food operations.
  • The S22 panel PC's robust components can last in 24/7/365 self-service kiosk operations.

Self-service kiosks are becoming popular amongst fast-food restaurants. Customers who experienced ordering through these kiosks can attest to its efficiency. Moreover, restaurant owners have increased revenue by 10% to 30% while providing excellent customer experience [Bepoz].

Now, these kiosks are built with the most compatible computing technology, ensuring that kiosk applications are installed. Fortunately, our S22 industrial panel displays can have the capability to meet what the kiosks need.

Our computing device has an IP69K rated enclosure which makes it capable of lasting under extreme usage. What’s more, its Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM 2.30Ghz processor allows the device to handle multiple information input and output.

However, it takes more than a robust enclosure and the latest processor to make an excellent computing solution for self-service kiosks. So, how can a 22-inch enclosed PC provide better functionalities to optimise quick-service restaurant (QSR) operations?

Find out more about why our device is a suitable computing solution for kiosk usage in the fast-food industry.

Take QSR Services to the Next Level with S22 Panel PC in Kiosks

Take QSR Services to the Next Level with S22 Panel PC in Kiosks

Long customer queue in fast-food restaurants is mainly attributed to the tedious food ordering process. As a result, customers leave the premises without making a purchase. However, with food ordering being transitioned to self-service kiosks, customers are in complete control of their order.

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Now, a self-service kiosk is only as good as the technology embedded in it. Without an excellent computing solution, a kiosk may do more harm than good.

This is the main reason why embedding our S22 ruggedised panel computer in the self-service kiosk is a smart choice for fast-food restaurants. Its 22-inch screen and Intel® GMA HD4000 DX11™ GFX core offer great readability for customers. Cashiers need not prepare orders, so there is a better focus on receiving payments. This reduces miscalculations and revenue losses.

Pros and Cons of S22 Industrial PC for Self-Service Kiosks

What makes a self-service kiosk more functional and innovative? Take a look at the capabilities of our 22-inch industrial compact PC for an optimised self-service kiosk:

Pro: Faster food ordering process

Our 22-inch panel PC has Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM 2.30Ghz that supports hyper-threading. This means that the device can handle a continuous flow of information. Its reliable processor prevents the delay between inputting and processing of the order. Therefore, it streamlines food ordering process and, at the same time, reducing operational costs.

Pro: Encourage true menu browsing

A computing device with Intel® GMA HD4000 DX11™ GFX core is capable of presenting up to 3.6 million colour hues. As our S22 ruggedised PC has this feature, any applications requiring intensive image support can be compatible. It allows seamless video transition which improves overall customer experience.

Pro: Comprehensive data monitoring

This device also has Thin Client options wherein all information is stored on the primary server. Restaurant owners can securely monitor the data plus it is easier to view the number of order for a food item. This makes inventory assessment more accessible, and managers can even create marketing strategies based on the statistics.

Con: None

Given these points, the features of our S22 industrial computer makes it suitable to embed in self-service kiosks. Additionally, it has a watchdog timer and thin client option to monitor internal components and secure data backup. Moreover, our device can even be customised by a fast-food restaurant’s needs.

Advance to S22 Industrial Computer for Kiosk Installation Now     

Fast-food industry entails efficiency in operations while providing excellent customer experience. Hence, it is advantageous to have our 22-inch ruggedised embedded PC in a self-service kiosk. The sturdiness of the computing device guarantees excellent performance even under extreme conditions.

With a self-service kiosk done right, there is higher profitability and maximising potential customer volume. Contact us today through (+44) 01438 747111 to get a free quote or download a FREE datasheet of our S22 industrial panel PCs.


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