How 22” Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs Fit for Food Processing

Industrial computing devices contribute to the advancement of many food processing industries. These industrial PCs make it easier for the logistics to function in the operations. For example, food processing industries follow a standard of modern production rates. By using industrial PCs, achieving these standards are now possible at faster rates. With projected capacitive touchscreen, it is easy to reach these rates at a greater pace.  

Food processing involves a delicate process. The technology that should be used for it must be of great quality.  Choosing on the right industrial computing device you wish to invest is a good start. Look for an equipment that can perform multiple functions. Assess if the features measure well with your expectations of such equipment.

Only the best projected capacitive touchscreens for food processing
Projected capacitive touchscreens are you best partners in boosting food processing operations. Be hands-on without interfering with safety standards. 

Why Choose S22 Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for the Food Processing

Processing data at an industrial standard needs quality equipment. The S22 capacitive touchscreen PCs can process data even on unfavourable circumstances. Its stainless steel enclosure is NEMA-sealed and has an IP69K+ rating. This keeps the S22 panel PC to resist external elements such as shock, water, and dust. Harsh food processing environments can be dealt with by these devices without damage.

Rank Up to Industry Standards with the S22 Capacitive Panel PCs

Get to know the advantages of one panel PC over another. It can help boost operations management. It may hinder or boost production rates. This also depends on the specifications provided by the industrial PC manufacturer. Besides, these devices must be adaptable to your industry’s changing needs.

Having a customised PC proves to be more effective and efficient than other built-in PCs in the long run. With that, you can truly improve operations.  Below are some typical features of our industry-standard 22” projected capacitive touchscreen device.

Product Checklist

  • ·         Hardware: An Intel Bay Trail M/D with a 2.0 GHz motherboard processor can handle heavy workloads of analysing data.
  • ·         Protective Casing: NEMA-sealed and IP69K-rated stainless steel enclosures keep the hardware safe from any damage.
  • ·         Security Features: Log-ins and computer processes are secured with a built-in Watchdog timer.
  • ·         Operating Systems: Windows, Linux or other industry-based operating systems applicable.
  • ·         Screen Size: Its large 22” screen come with a projected capacitive touchscreen feature.
  • ·         Return of Investment: Costs are depending on the kind of specifications made.
  • ·         Mounts: Case, bezel, and VESA mounts are available.
  • ·         Touchscreen Features: Regardless of its touchscreen type, this S22 capacitive touchscreen PC is user-friendly.

These features show how the S22” industrial computer can maintain food processing operations. It is an investment for those that want a truly improved technological device.

This industrial computer has stainless steel enclosures to protect it from dust, shock and water damage. In making a wise investment, consider a computing device that fits to the needs of the industry.

Apart from that, ensure that the warranties on these devices will last long. It is not ideal to invest in an industrial computing device that has one year of guaranteed secure usage. Should you choose to build from our industrial computers, you can guarantee a warranty of 3 years. You can also have an option to extend it up to 5 years.

Invest in 22” Capacitive Industrial Computers for the Food Processing Operations

With food processing, one needs only the best that technology can offer. The S22 capacitive panel PC can be your partner in the food processing industry. Big investments come with the right safety standards without scrimping in performance.

For operators and supervisors in the processing plants, get the best industrial PC. Choose the S22 projected capacitive touchscreen PC for your food processing operations.


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