Utilising 17” Rugged Panel PC in Airline Operations

Airline industries generate a lot of income for the UK economy. Because of the wear that happens over time, airlines require multiple maintenance procedures. These are critical in the safety of everyone involved in airline operations. It is why it is important to invest in technology that can boost operations in light of the risks.

Given these possible instances, rugged panel PCs can be of help on the airline operations. It can perform features that would not exist in other computer devices. These devices have protective measures making it suitable for extreme and harsh environments. These functions make airline operations run more efficiently. Thus, your airline company can ensure your passengers’ journey smooth and comfortable.

Airline operations boosted with Panel PCs
Panel PCs are used for airline operations in order to boost management effectiveness. This sort of technology is often used for boosting efficiency. 

Setup 17” Rugged Panel PCs on Airline Maintenance

For operations to be effective, there has to be constant improvement. One way to do that is to upgrade your PC devices used on the airline operations. When investing in technology, find a device that can maintain optimal working conditions.

Another way to gauge effectiveness is through the ease of use of such technology. Our panel PCs are adapted to run any Windows or Linux operating system. This allows for ease of use in operations. You can also integrate your existing industry-based system to your custom-built PC.

For any airline operation, you should also consider other specifications. Apart from reliability and durability, look at the device’s functionality. In this case, it is clear that operations needs to be sustained. We can provide you with the device that can sustain a high-level performing ability.

Other features of the 17” rugged panel PCs include the following:

Product Checklist

  • ·         Hardware: It has an Intel Bay Trail M/D with a 2.0 GHz motherboard processor. This can sustain heavy amounts of pressure without wearing out.
  • ·         Enclosure: With NEMA-sealed stainless steel enclosure, it comes with an IP69K+ rating. This makes the device safe from shock, dust, and water. And, it ensures its ability to perform without delay.
  • ·         Safety and Security Features: Processes and log-ins are also kept with the device’s Watchdog Timer.
  • ·         Operating Systems: Available for both Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • ·         Screen Size: Our best-selling S17 industrial computer has its screen size making it suitable for many industries.
  • ·         Return of Investment: The S17 touch panel device can be custom-built to fit your specifications. Enquire our local industrial PC experts for more information on this.
  • ·         Available mounts: Case, bezel, and VESA mounts are available.

All these features come with a guaranteed warranty for 3 years. You can have the option to extend the warranty to five years or more. This is subject to the kind of industry and features that a custom-built device would have.

Boost Airline Operations with 17” Rugged Industrial PC

The demands of the airline sector are always changing. In transporting passengers, your airline company must ensure them with a comfortable journey. Advanced computers like the S17 industrial PC can ensure the operations running efficiently.

Advanced computing devices prove to be solid investment pieces for airline companies. Its features make it suitable for airline management needs. With that, our industrial computers can be custom-built based on your system preference. So, start customising the S17 industrial PC for the needs of the airline operations.


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