Utilising 17” Industrial Computers on the Military Aircrafts

Military aircrafts are not only reserved for the Royal Air Force. In fact, all branches of the military use aircraft for different purposes. Because of its wide use, technology must be able to be as adaptable as the aircraft itself. This includes adapting of an industrial computer technology for military use.

As such, military contractors should know what is best for their clients. With industrial computers, you can ensure that you can acquire the best technology.  

Make a decision whether to build this advanced computing device. Foresee the success on any military operation. Know on its features that an industrial PC can provide to maintain UK military standards.

Military aircraft uses industrial computer technology
Military aircraft is used for all branches of the military and as such plays a large role in the interest of public safety. Technology such as industrial computers helps to meet this need. 

Purchase 17” Industrial Computers for Military Aviation

Effective operations management requires constant improvement. Investing in the appropriate computing technology is usually the best way to do this. These specifications can bring out the best in any military activity.

As such, the S17 rugged industrial PCs can be customised to fit on any system requirement. These features ensure that our industrial-grade computers can perform at its best. It can function even under the most difficult environments without any significant damage. It can also process large amounts of data. And, it can run under any operating system or program you will install into it.

For the military aviation, consider what type of industrial computer to get. The atmospheric changes that are needed take its toll. It can wreak havoc on any poor-quality PC. The harsh environments can do even more damage.

You need the S17 panel PC that can stand with your military personnel to fulfill the missions. We can provide you with this advanced computing device. More specifications of the 17” rugged panel PCs are what as follows:  

17” Rugged Panel PC Features

  • ·         Hardware:  An Intel Bay Trail M/D with a 2.0 GHz motherboard processor ensures efficient processing power.
  • ·         Enclosure: An IP69K+ rating accompanies the S17 Panel PC’s NEMA-sealed enclosure. This makes the device safe from shock, dust, and water.
  • ·         Operating Systems: Both Windows and Linux operating systems can be installed in the device.
  • ·         Screen Size: Our best-selling S17 industrial grade computer makes it suitable for many industries.
  • ·         Return of Investment: The S17 device comes with a standard 3-year warranty, with a separate warranty for parts.

Given these specifications, an S17 industrial PC is a great investment for any military aircraft. Now it is up to you to determine whether it is fit for your military operations.

Boost Military Operations with 17” Embedded Panel Computer

In the military aviation, the demands of keeping safety both on and off the ground are paramount. For this reason, the Royal Air Force would do invest in only the best technology.

Advanced 17” industrial PCs can meet those needs and more. These S17 panel computers would be a welcome addition to any military operation. Start customising your panel computer to fit the military aircraft requirements today.


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