Automated Systems on the S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs

Automation is one of the most utilised systems in many industries. It enables the manufacturers to streamline their operations efficiently and productively. That is why taking advantage of automated systems is also critical for food processing operations. It helps in speeding up the food processes and increases production yield as well.

So, how can food processing utilise automation? Food processing industries can utilise an automation in many ways. One example of it is by installing an automated systems in quality assurance and control. Operators can determine the quality of the processed foods by using the automated system. Thus, rest assured that foods processed are contamination-free and safe for consumption.

But, using automated systems can be difficult without the proper computing technology. This device should have the required specifications to install an automated system.

In order to advance automation needs, upgrade to industrial computers. The S22 industrial panel PCs has an operating system that is suitable for automation software. These applications can be installed for operators to use. And, you can use it to improve food processing applications.

But, how do these features contribute to automated processes? Take a look at S22 industrial computer features with this blog.  

Upgrade to S22 Projected Capacitive Touchscreen PCs for Automation
Automation processed need upgraded industrial computers. Level up with an S22 panel PC with projected capacitive touchscreens. 

Why Integrate Automation to S22 Touch Panel PCs for Food processes

Automation can be used in a wide variety of food processing applications. These can range from quality assurance and control, packaging, and inventory. Aside from this, it can also fast-track the food operation processes. But, it would be ideal to install advanced panel PCs such as S22 touch panel PCs.  

This S22 panel computer can run automated systems without system failure. This is because its hardware features were built for industrial computing applications. Its Intel© processor make sure that processes are done in real-time.

This device also features touchscreen technology with projected capacitance. Its touchscreen features enable multi-touch applications. Thus, operators can easily perform any food processing applications through touching the screen.  

Now, what are the other key features of this device? Can this device provide better performance that other enclosed pc? Let’s make a quick review of this 22” projected capacitive touchscreen PCs.

Taking Control Of Automated Systems Using Touch Panel PCs

How do you select appropriate computing technology? First look at key features of industrial PCs that enables automated software. This helps to determine how suitable the unit is for food processing plant usage. Look at specifications such as computer design, hardware, processor capacity, and touchscreen features. That way, it becomes easier to choose.  

A list of key features of the S22 industrial PC can be found below.

Built-In Watchdog Timer Feature

Food processing is composed of multi-tasking operations. Whilst, automated systems can perform these functions to ensure each step is done correctly. However, the frequent and heavy use may cause system failure in the long run. Thus, this affects quality check procedures on processed foods.  

But, the S22 touch panel PCs have a built-in watch dog timer. This feature can detect and resolve system issues on the device. Hence, food operations can complete the processes without a system failure.

Compatible Operating Systems

Automation also requires a compatible operating system before it can be installed on the device. Plus, food processes also utilise heavy computer applications. And, only an industrial-grade computer can bear a compatible operating system for automation.

That is why our S22 industrial panel PCs can have the preferred operating systems. There is also an option to input a customised operating system for automation processes. Operating systems such as Windows or Linux OS are also compatible with these PCs. 

Touchscreen Features

Touchscreen technology are now being utilised in many industries.  This is because it allows the operator to access applications by simply touching the screen monitor. Hence, this makes the user to operate the device easily.  

Two of the most utilised touchscreen technologies are the resistive or projected capacitive touch screens. Both have touchscreen functionalities and limitations. Resistive touchscreens are cheaper but it is not as durable as capacitive touchscreens. 

As a matter of fact, IC experts recommend the projected capacitive touchscreens for food processing facilities. This is because it is durable and allows multi-touch function. You can fast-track production processes by pairing automated systems with multi-touch function. This makes it more responsive.

Systemised Food Processes With S22 Touch Panel PCs And Automation

Automation is now one of the most efficient system to use for complex operations. So, it is just imperative to apply this system to food processing. But, it would be ideal to upgrade computing systems with industrial panel PCs.

So, start by installing S22 industrial panel PCs on food operations now. And, integrate the automated systems to food processes. Contact us at (+44) 014 3874 7111 to help you build this device in your facility today.

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