Benefits of Installing an Industrial Computer in the Wayfinding Kiosks

Tourism is a booming business in many parts of the world. In fact, the United Kingdom is the eight largest international tourism destination ranked by a number of visitors. For the year 2014, the tourism industry has an estimated value of €121.1 billion or 7.1% of the UK’s GDP [Tourism Alliance UK]. Because of this, there is a need to serve this growing demand.

As one of the most effective ways to delight these tourists, wayfinding kiosks are installed in public places. These kiosks are typically found in airports, malls or universities. Evidently, the population density is high and exposed to the harsh elements. There is a huge possibility that its system will fail due to a lot of reasons. These kiosks will be frequently used by the general public. Thereby, potential elements from these environments may damage its system.

Fortunately, industrial computing devices can be installed in these kiosks. An industrial computer comes with a built-in stainless steel enclosure that makes it well-protected from damages.

So how can an industrial panel PC be installed in these kiosks? Will it still function even if it is frequently used? Know why industrial computing devices are ideal for kiosk functions on this blog.

Mounting Rugged Industrial Computers Into Wayfinding Kiosks

Equip Wayfinding Kiosks With Rugged Industrial Computers

Wayfinding kiosks have replaced the traditional tourist information booths in the UK. But, it continues to provide accurate information and directional maps to the public.

However, these kiosks may not run efficiently without a rugged computing device in it. And, the kiosks may not also function if the installed application is not compatible with the system.

Which is why kiosk manufacturers choose an industrial PC with specific system requirements. Industrial panel PCs are designed to perform industrial applications. And, it means that tough applications like directional maps can be installed on it.

Furthermore, rugged industrial computers can withstand any potential risks that may cause the system to fail. This includes water intrusion, dust, dirt, heat and other fallen debris. Thus, industrial-grade PCs can function well on these kiosks.

Now, what are other features of industrial computing devices making it suitable for these applications? Let us review some of its features and capabilities below.

Industrial Panel PCs Used for Kiosk Applications

Kiosks used on wayfinding have become an integral part of many local tourist hotspots. These kiosks help lead individuals to their desired locations using two dimensional maps application. It can also show the current location in real time and also serves as a guide to the desired destination.

With these given applications, industrial panel PCs are suitable for these type of kiosks. Take a look at some features of these devices.

Touchscreen Functionalities

Kiosks with wayfinding applications should provide convenience and ease of use to the general public. So, it is recommended to have these kiosks setup with touchscreen functionalities.

Now, industrial PCs can be integrated with touchscreen technology. These can either be a resistive touchscreen or a projected capacitive touchscreen. Hence, users can easily navigate a certain app by touching the screen monitor of the kiosk.

Watchdog Timers

Given that kiosks are frequently used, its system processor is also working overtime. And, one possibility that can happen on these kiosks is a system failure.

To prevent this from happening, industrial computing devices come with a built-in Watchdog timer. Its feature is to monitor and record the conditions of the device in a wide range of temperature. Usually, a Watchdog Timer can also detect and resolve system errors of the device. So, a system failure can be prevented.

High IP Rating Panel PC

Not all industrial PCs have similar specifications. But, it can have the customised yet standardised specifications for kiosks used on wayfinding applications.

To ensure that kiosks can withstand even the harshest environments, panel PCs comply with high IP rating and NEMA sealing. This means that the industrial computer can withstand water intrusions and dust ingress. Therefore, the system is protected and can still perform its function well.

Setup Rugged Industrial PCs to Wayfinding Kiosks Today

Kiosks need to have advanced features to help the general public easily find their directions. It must have the compatibility to perform kiosk functions specifically for wayfinding.

For kiosk manufacturers, they must opt for industrial PCs with advanced features. This is to ensure that kiosks can provide accurate information and data to the users looking for a tourist destination.


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