Take Advantage with S22 Touch Panel PCs for Food Processing Facilities

Food processing industries always ensure that food products are of high quality and safe for consumption. Its operations must have the equipment that can function well even in its hygienic kind of environment. That is why most food processing facilities acquire computing equipment with the preferred requirements.

Food products can easily be damaged or contaminated if handled improperly during operations. Thus, food processing facilities should ensure that foods processed undergo several quality checks. So, what type of device is suitable for hygienic environments?

Our 22” industrial panel PCs can have the specifications needed for food processing. It has the capability to withstand hygienic environment as well. In fact, this device has IP69K rating with NEMA4 sealing capabilities. It has a degree of protection against water intrusion and dust ingress. This device is also resistant to chemical substances such as caustic cleaners that are being used in operations.

Now, can this computing device provide efficiency and productivity? Well, read on through this blog. Understand why the S22 touch panel PC is ideal for food processes.

Upgrade Food Processing with S22 Touch Panel PCs
Food processing industries need to be kept both clean and efficient. Choose the S22 panel PC. Its large screen size and hygienic design makes it suitable.

Why Make Use Of S22 Touch Panel PCs for Food Processing?

Keeping a high level of hygiene is critical in food processing. This gives a peace of mind in knowing that food processed are contamination-free. As a result, processed foods are also safe for consumption when deployed to markets. Hence, it requires a computing equipment that withstand its hygienic kind of environment. And, at the same time, it can guarantee high-quality food production during operations. So, the right computing solutions for food processing is by using an industrial-grade computer. 

The S22 industrial-grade panel PC is a perfect computing device for food processing operations. It is made of industrial-grade components that can adhere all types of working environments. This includes the hygienic working conditions of food factories.

This device is also enclosed in a stainless steel construction frame with built-in Watchdog Timer feature. This feature continually monitors, login and conditions the device. This is to ensure that optimum performance is provided even in harsh environments over wide temperature range. Therefore, this device only proves that it can function well in food processing operations.

So, what makes it different from other PC enclosures? How can it optimise the food processing operations? Let us make a quick review of its key features and benefits.

Top Reasons Why S22 Panel PC Are Suitable For Food Processing

It is understood that food processing facilities have a hygienic work environment. Thus, it is only essential to have an industrial computing device that can work well in such kind of working conditions. So, what are the specifications and features of the 22” industrial PC? 

Below are some other key features that can contribute to food processing success.

Built-In Watchdog Timer Feature

Food processing is composed of multi-tasking operations. Every process run several quality check ensuring that products are of high quality. Thus, there is a presence of heavy and frequent usage of the device. And, this may potentially cause a system to fail or halt an operation. 

Good thing, our S22 industrial computers have watchdog timer feature. This feature has the capability to detect and resolve system issues of the device. So, a system failure is prevented. 

Compatible Operating Systems

Food processing plants also need efficient operating systems for their computing devices. This is to ensure that right applications for food processing are installed. Keep in mind that food production utilises tough applications. And, only an industrial-grade PCs can bear a compatible operating system for food processes.

Our S22 industrial computers can have the preferred operating system for food process operation. But, rest assured that this device can perform its functions efficiently.

Touchscreen Features

Many industries are now using industrial PCs with touchscreen technology features. This feature enables the user to easily access any application by touching the screen. So, it provides an ease of use and speed up an operation.

The 22” touch panel PCs can also come with a touchscreen technology feature. Two of which can be integrated to the device. This can be a resistive touchscreen or a projected capacitive touchscreen. Both of this have touchscreen functionalities.

But, most IC experts recommend capacitive touchscreens for food processing facilities. It has been known that capacitive touchscreens are more responsive to touch. Food processors can navigate the system on the screen even when wearing gloves or using a stylus pen. Thus, it can fast-track a food process.  

Upgrade Food Processes With S22 Industrial Panel PC

Food processing both require efficiency and quality. Foods processed should carry the specific standard requirements in food safety. But, maintaining efficiency also requires a reliable computing equipment. And, this equipment should also function well in a hygienic environment like food plants.

However, installing an S22 industrial-grade computing system can provide both efficiency and productivity. It also meets the preferred requirements that can be utilised for operations as well. So, upgrade your food processing operations today. Start by installing the 22” touch panel PCs.


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